Katrine Noer and Marie Bentzon shortlisted for Helsinki Photo Festival 2021

The two DMJX students Katrine Noer and Marie Bentzon are among the 20 photographers shortlisted for the Nordic Village, which is a part of the Helsinki Photo Festival. Ten Nordic projects will be selected for the festival.

Katrine Noer is shortlisted with her project “This is War” – made during her third term at DMJX in the fall 2020. Poland has one of the most restrictive abortion legislations in Europe. In October, it was determined that the abortion laws had to be even stricter. This means a nearly total ban on abortion. More than hundred of thousands marched on the streets to show their anger and disapproval of this decision and the current government. “This is war” is painted on signs, churches, and on the face of the many protesters in the streets of Warsaw.
Photo from the project: Katrine Noer

The Helsinki Photo Festival will run from July 7th till September 30th in Helsinki, Finland. This year’s festival theme is “fearless” and the festival aims to show 50 international and 10 nordic projects. 96 photographers are shortlistet in the international category.

The shortlisted photographers have been selected from a record high number of 428 applications from 55 countries.

Marie Bentzon is shortlisted with her Visual Projct “Væv” – made at DMJX in the fall 2020.
‘Væv’ means tissue and are the patterns, structures, lines which connects who we are and what we will become. It is a collection from my childhood home, where I investigate my connections to the landscape and the place around the farm which has been in my family for generations.” Photo from the project: Marie Bentzon.