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Simon Fals' Visual Project in Vice Magazine

Vice Magazine has published Simon Fals' Visual Project from 2015.


Selfportrait by Simon Fals from his project Fear of Darkness.


Last fall Simon Fals went to live in a Swedish forrest. Simon's aim was to confront his own fear of darkness.


Picture from Simon Fals' series Fear of Darkness.


Simon did the trip as a part of his Visual Project during his final term at DMJX.


Simon Fals graduated his BA in January 2016.

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DMJX students at Eddie Adams last week

The legendary Eddie Adams workshop was held last week from the 7th till the 10th of October.


Five DMJX students were among the 100 young photographers selected for the workshop.


DMJX alumni at Eddie Adams Workshop. From left to right: Alaa Elkamhawi, Sarah Hoffman, Kristen Zeis, Betina Garcia, Eve Edelheit and Fabian Fiechter. All except Eve were participants at the workshop. Eve worked as a volunteer.


It's the 29th time the Eddie Adams Workshop inivites young and talented photographers to participate in the four days' intensive workshop with lectures and assignments.


Alaa Elkamhawi at Eddie Adams. Photo by Fabian Fiechter.

Second term students launch magazine from South Funen

Our second term students have spent one week in the south of the Island Funen to create stories for their magazine.


Second term students discussing the first version of the layout during the production week. Photo by Mathilde Bech.


In the past week they've edited the pictures stories, written the articles and designed the magazine, which we're happy to launch today at a small reception at the school.


If you're not able to se the magazine on print it's also available online here or by clicking on the icon below.


The students behind the magazine are

Anne Bæk

Vibeke Volder

Mathias Fredslund Hansen

Morten Lau-Nielsen

Andreas Haubjerg

Mads Claus Rasmussen


The teachers at the workshop have been:

Mathilde Bech (photojournalism)

Hanne Mølby Henriksen (written journalism)

Lars Nørkjær Bai (layout)


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First prize to Emine Akbaba

Our photo2 student Emine Akbaba has won first prize in the competition "Alles in schönster Ordnung", which is held as a part of the European Month of Photography in Berlin. The competition exposes the situation in Europe and the current refugee situation.


Emine Akbaba with her prize winning story straight after the award ceremony in Berlin this Tuesday.


Emine has won first prize with a story about a Syrian refugee family. A story, Emine did, after finishing our Photo1 programme in the fall 2013. This term, Emine is back at DMJX to finish our photo2 programme.


European Month of Photography has been held in Berlin since 2004 and is the largest German photo festival.


Getting ready for two receptions Friday

Right now both our Danish second and third term students are finalizing their stories and getting ready to show their work at the school this Friday.


The Danish second term students discussing the first layout of their mutual magazine. Photo by Mathilde Bech.


Our second term students have been on a group trip to the south of Funen, where they during a week have made individual stories. The stories will be gathered in a magazine, which the students are working on right now.


Danish third term students discussing the final edit of Mikkel Hørlyck's story from Moldova. Photo by Søren Pagter.


Our third term students have been working on their long term reportages. They have made individual stories from South Africa, Moldova, Lebanon, Greenland, Norway and Denmark.


All the students' stories will be exhibited in the aula at DMJX. The reception will be held at 2pm on Friday the 14th of October. Everybody is welcome to join us.

Interview with Søren Pagter online

In February this year the galleri PixlArt in the north of Denmark opened the exhibition "Transit" focussing on stories about the refugee situation in Europe.


Søren Pagter gave the opening speech at the exhibition and was interviewed for the PixlArt magazine no. 03.


Now, the interview is available online at the website of Hanne Mølby Henriksen, who made the interview with Søren Pagter.


Screen shot from Hanne Mølby Henriksen's webpage

showing her interview with Søren Pagter.

Click on the image to read the interview.

Master class in Saint Petersburg

This week Mads Greve and Mads Nissen has been running the first part of the Nordic-Russian master class Next To Me.


From the first week of the Nordic Russian master class Next To Me. Picture by Mads Greve.


16 young, talented photojournalists have been selected to participate in the master class. There are eight photographers from Northwest Russia and eight from the Nordic countries; Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.


From the first week of the Nordic Russian master class Next To Me. Picture by Mads Greve.

The first week has been spent on lectures by the two teachers, developing of the participants' ideas, small exercises, research and planning.


From the first week of the Nordic Russian master class Next To Me. Picture by Mads Greve.

After this first part of the master class the participants will begin to work on their individual stories - and they'll all meet again to finalize their stories.


From the first week of the Nordic Russian master class Next To Me. Picture by Mads Greve.

The master class has initiated by The Nordic Journalist Centre and financed by the The Nordic Council of Ministers.

Noa City-Eliyahu's magazine story published twice

During the magazine workshop this spring Noa City-Eliyahu did a story about men and women serving in the Danish army together.


Spread from the 3F magazine showing Noa City-Eliyahu's story made during our Photo1 programme.


Noa's pictures and text has now been published twice - in the 3F magazine (page 36) here in Denmark and in Hareetz in her home country Israel.


Noa graduated our Photo1 programme in June 2016.

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DMJX students at WPP/Canon seminar

Today, our Danish second term students and international Photo 1 students attended a seminar arranged by World Press Photo and Canon at Politiken in Copenhagen.

DMJX-students at a seminar arranged by World Press Photo and Canon. Photo by Mads Claus Rasmussen.


At the seminar the students attended lectures with Tessa Hetharia from World Press Photo, with photojournalist and World Press Winner Paul Hansen from Sweden and with a Canon representative.


Tessa Hetharia from World Press Photo giving an educational tour around this year's World Press Photo exhibition. Photo by Mads Claus Rasmussen.


Before the opening of the World Press Photo the students had an exclusive tour of the exhibition where Tessa Hetharia told about the background of some of the stories.


The day ended with the official opening of the World Press Photo, where Søren Pagter gave the opening speech.


Head of department of photojournalism, Søren Pagter giving the opening speech at the World Press Photo exhibition in Copenhagen today. Photo by Mathilde Bech.


Pagter commenting on iconic pictures

The daily Poltiken has today published a reader’s comment by Søren Pagter. 


In the article Søren Pagter comments on an interview with Fred Ritchin, where the American photo critic is quoted to say; ”we no longer make iconic images, which can change the world”.


Søren Pagter states that the idea of one single image, which can change anything, is a misunderstanding. This kind world-changing, iconic pictures have never existed and the illusion of such devaluates important photojournalistic work.

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