Two DMJX teachers in international jurys

This weekend, Mads Greve was chairman of the jury at the Islandic Photo of the Year. The Icelandic jury includes seven members who are judging seven categories and also selecting the photo of the year. The members of the jury met in Reykjavik and consisted beside Mads Greve of Icelandic »

Rasmus Flindt gave the welcoming lecture today

Rasmus Flindt Pedersen gave the welcoming lecture for around 50 photojournalist students at DMJX today. Rasmus, who graduated from DMJX in 2011, shared three of his major projects: the refugee challenges in Europe, stories from Mosul in Iraq and finally his latest work from Yemen. During the lecture, Rasmus shared »

Marco Carmignan has received National Geographic grant

Marco Carmignan has received a grant from National Geographic Committee for research and Exploration. Together with his two colleagues, Davor Marinkovic and Lorenzo Scalchi, Marco applied for a grant to work on a story about the Serbian refugees after the war in the former Yugoslavia. Around 200,000 Serbians were in »

Vejle Amts Folkeblad visiting DMJX

Ten journalists and photographers from the local newspaper Vejle Amts Folkeblad visited DMJX yesterday to get new inspiration for their daily work. Teachers Gitte Luk and Søren Pagter showed the group of visitors a series of students’ work, where the students had developed creative ways of story telling and used »

Wilma Leskowitsch exhibits her final diploma project

Wilma Leskowitsch exhibtis her final diploma project “Crystals in The Dew” from Saturday the 2nd of February at BelleVue – Ort für Fotografie in Basel, Switzerland. The exhibition is the first in a series of exhibitions at BelleVue, where the gallery focusses on young voices in photography. Wilma made her »

Hashem Shakeri in National Geographic

Hashem Shakeri‘s recent project “An Elegy for the Death of Hamun” is published in National Geographic. Hashem made the project as his final Photo Story during Photo I at DMJX in the spring 2018. Since then the project has been published many places outside Iran and Hashem has also received »

Ida Marie Odgaard and Ivan Boll won the Ritzau Scanpix Prize

Ida Marie Odgaard and Ivan Boll received the Ritzau Scanpix Prize for best photojournalistic BA project at today’s graduation ceremony. Ida and Ivan’s winning BA-project tells 40 small stories about Denmark and the Danes. The 40 stories are based on the national test, which decides whether a person can become »

Six photojournalist students nominated for the Danish POY

The list of nominated photographers for the Danish POY was released tonight. Out of the 28 photographers six DMJX students were nominated. The six photojournalist students are: Andreas Merrald, currently 3rd term Julie Meldhede Kristensen, currently 3rd term Marie Bentzon, currently interning at Børsen Mikkel Hørlyck, currently 3rd term Sofie »

Mikkel Hørlyck’s long term project published in Information

For more than three years, Mikkel Hørlyck has followed and photographed Jørgen Pedersen – a drug addict, who lives in Aarhus. While Mikkel was studying at his second term at DMJX, Jørgen one day approached him and asked about his camera. Ever since, the two men have been friends and »

Hashem Shakeri has received Honorable Mention at UNICEF Photo

Just before Christmas, Hashem Shakeri won Honorable Mention at UNICEF Photo of the year 2018 for his story “An Elegy for the Death of Hamun”. When the water will be all gone Iran: It’s not only due to the lack of rain as a result of climate change; dam projects in »

Final screening day

As it has become a tradition the students spent the last day of the term screening their projects to each other. More than 40 Danish and international students met in the big auditorium for a day of mutual inspiration, sandwiches and beverages. »

Amira Mortada exhibits at Andromeda

Amira Mortada opens the exhibition “Expired” at Andromeda in Aarhus tomorrow at 3pm. “Expired” is a series of portraits of Egyptian women, who remain unmarried after the age of 30. It’s a story about virgin girls in the Arab country, where a Muslim woman is not allowed to engage in »

Anna-Tia Buss in International Photography Magazine

Anna-Tia Buss’ project “I never Realized” is published online in International Photography Magazine. “I never Realized” is a portrait project, which focusses on the female body and all the expectations that come with it. Anna-Tia made the project as her final Photo Story during Photo I in the spring 2018. »

New Nordic-Russian Master Class

Once again Nordic Journalist Centre and DMJX are doing a master class for young Nordic and Russian photojournalists. The master class is free of charge and will take place in Kaliningrad and Reykjavik in April/May 2019. Tutors will be Russian photographer Jana Romanova and Mads Greve of DMJX. The master »

Closets full of Dreams in the French magazine Causette

Roger Anis‘ project “Closets full of Dreams” is published in the french magazine Causette. Roger Anis made the project as his final diploma exam at DMJX in 2015. Since then the project has been published and exhibited various places, for instance at the Delhi Photo Festival in 2015. »

Official book release of The Essential Photography

Søren Pagter’s book “The Essential Photography” was officially released at a reception at DMJX, yesterday. “The Essential Photography” is published in both a Danish and English version and in the beginning of 2019 the book will be launcehd in a Russian version, too. »

New website design

Almost 9 years ago, in February 2010, we launched our first website in order to inform about the photojournalism activities at DMJX. Back then we had to make everything from scratch. There were no templates that could create a website for you. Former student and photojournalist Sofus Comer developed the »

Mikkel Hørlyck has won first prize at Vilnius Photo Circle 2018

  Mikkel Hørlyck received first prize for his project “The Neglected” in the Homework category at the 12th International Festival of Photojournalism Vilnius Photo Circle, when the festival was held in Lithuania this weekend. “The Neglected” was made while Mikkel was studying at his third term at DMJX in the fall »

Photo I magazine online

Last week, our nine international Photo I students launched their magazine “Avalanche” at a reception at the school. The magazine is now available online here on our webpage. Click on Showcases to read and watch the work by Marco Carmignan (Italy) Patrick Riley (Australia) Henrik Røyne (Norway) Elke Numeyer (Australia) »

Søren Pagter at Cairo Photo Week

Cairo Photo Week opens tonight downtown Cairo, Egypt. The brand new festival, which is arranged by Photopia, runs from the 22. till the 30. of November. The festival focusses on all kinds of photography and will have workshops, lectures, exhibitions, portfolio reviews etc. Søren Pagter will be at part of »