Aseem Banstola’s magazine story in Nepali Times

Aseem Banstola‘s magazine story Looking for the Nepali Dream is published both on print and online in Nepali Times.

Kritika Pokhrel, 27, is finishing her master study in Software & Technology in Denmark. She is one of the eight people in Aseems Banstola’s project about young Nepali people who have left their home country in search for a better life. Photo: Aseem Banstola
Ruza Chauhan (left) and Hemanta Thapa, both 22, married last year and are now living in Aarhus, Denmark. Hemanta is studying Climate and Supply Engineering and Ruza is working full time in a cleaning company, so the couple can make a living in Denmark.
Photo: Aseem Banstola
Aseem Banstola’s story printed full spread in Nepali Times.

Aseem Banstola made the story as his final project during the Magazine Workshop at Photo 1 this spring 2024. The full Resilience magazine can be read here and the news story about the launch of the magazine can be seen here.