Christian Falck Wolff has won The Danish Picture of the Year 2023

Christian Falck Wolff, graduate from DMJX this January 2024, was announced winner of the Danish Picture of the Year 2023 at the award ceremony at the Royal Library in Copenhagen, Friday March 1. The Danish Picture of the Year is organized by Pressefotografforbundet (The Danish Press Photographers’ Association) and the exhibition can »

Seven DMJX students won prizes at the Danish Picture of the Year 2023

Friday the 1st of March, the award ceremony for the Danish Picture of the Year was held at The Black Diamond, The Royal Library in Copenhagen.Three photojournalist students won four first prizes and four photojournalist students won second prizes. One photojournalist alumnus won Long Term Project of the year with »

Owen Ziliak has won at NPPA

Owen Ziliak has won third place in the science category at NPPA 2024 Best of Photojournalism with an image made during his exchange study at DMJX. Owen Ziliak made the picture in the spring 2023 while producing a video documentary about the bird watchers in Skagen together with his fellow »

Open School at DMJX

DMJX held two open school events last week for applicants for one of our Danish educational programmes. If you want to apply for the Danish BA in Photojournalism, you can learn more and apply through the official DMJX webpage. »

Three lectures last week

Last week from February 20 to 22, DMJX Photojournalism held three different guest lectures – two for all our students and one to prepare our fourth term students for their long documentary project. »

Sergei Stroitelev’s personal project has been published

Sergei Stroitelev‘s personal book-project I Wish it Was Just a Nightmare made at DMJX in the fall 2022 has been published by Experimental. The photobook I Wish it Was Just a Nightmare delves into the harrowing aftermath of the war in Ukraine, ignited by Russia’s aggression in 2022. Fleeing censorship, »

Søren Pagter in national Danish radio

Søren Pagter was interviewed for Kulturen at the national Danish radio channel P1, today. The focus for the interview was the difficulties in photographing climate stories and the fact that three out of the five single pictures nominated for the Danish Press Photo of the Year cover climate issues. You »

Lamees Saleh selected for Copenhagen Photo Festival 2024

Lamees Saleh Sharf El Din is among the 15 selectees for Copenhagen Photo Festival 2024. Lamees is selected on behalf of her project “Indefinitely” that she made during our Egyptian Language of Photojournalism programme that was held in co-operation with DEDI – The Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative. Lamees Saleh Sharf »

Amelie Sachs has won The Dummy Award 2023

Amelie Sachs‘ book project Vergissmeinnicht is among the five winners of The Dummy Award 2023. The personal project started and the first dummy was made during Amelie’s study at DMJX in the spring 2021. Amelie Sachs studied at Photo 2 in the spring 2021 and here she started the project »

Sefa Eyol has won bronze in TIFA 2023

Sefa Eyol has won bronze in the category Editorial/Conflict at Tokyo International Foto Awards The winning image is part of Sefa’s project “The Costs of Freedom” – a reportage project about the struggle of the Ukrainian people during the Russian attack at their nation. The project is made between April »

Seven students nominated for the Danish POY

The nominees for the Danish Picture of the Year are out. Among the total of 28 nominees are seven DMJX students. Congratulations to Emilie Toldam Futtrup, Sigrid Ellesøe Nielsen, Thea Tønnesvang, Rosaline Ben-baruch Lange, Axel Emil Hammerbo, Benjamin Voldum Krog and Christian Falck Wolff. 118 photographers have submitted 2173 pictures »

Nichlas Pollier in Danish broadcast television

On one of the last days of 2023, Friday December 29, Nichlas Pollier was interviewed for “Go’ Aften Live” at the Danish broadcast channel TV2. The interview can be seen 10 minutes into the programme at this link, if you subscribe to TV2. »

Kishor Sharma’s “Living in Mist” published in Geo Magazine

Kishor Sharma‘s project “Living in the Mist” is published both online and on print in the German Geo Magazine. Kishor Sharma started the project back in 2011, when he was part of the a DMJX educational programme for Nepalese photographers that ran in Kathmandu. In 2014, he studied at DMJX »