Trending plastic in Lebanon

STILL PICTURE STORY by Emilie Lærke Henriksen – made in the fall 2019 during her third term at DMJX. In Lebanon women aim for eternal youth and it is important to look fresh and sexy. Plastic surgery has therefore become a natural part of being a woman. About 1.5 million »

Before I disappear

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Andreas Beukel Vinther and Tobias Stidsen – made during third semester in the fall 2019. Jessica is 19 years old and suffers from crippling OCD. She struggles to perform even the most mundane daily tasks and dreams of a life free from her condition. »


MAGAZINE PROJECT by nine international students of photojournalism made during a workshop at DMJX in the fall 2019. The nine students are: Mackenzie Brockman (USA), Khashayar Javanmardi (Iran), Maggie Svoboda (USA), Jessica Miles (England), Tariq Safieh (Syria), Tripty Tamang Pakhrin (Nepal), Hadi Uddin (Bangladesh), Moloy Ranjan Biswas (Bnagladesh), Anna Fritsche »

Prison is a Way out of Poverty

STILL PICTURE STORY by Marius Renner Christensen – made in the fall 2019 during his third term at DMJX. Like other young men Bangis and Mohammed have dreams for their future. But in the least developed country in the world the way from dream to reality is hard to pave. »

A New Home

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Deepti Asthana and Michelle Hanks – made during the Photo I programme in the spring 2019. Mahmoud Bayragdar, 29, lived a good and comfortable life back in Damascus, Syria. But in 2011 he had to flee because of the Syrian civil war. Three years later, Mahmoud found »


MAGAZINE PROJECT by 12 second term Danish photojournalism students made during a workshop in April 2019. The 12 students went to the island Morsø in Denmark, where they made individual stories about the people and the island. The 12 students are: Marie Ravn, Søren Vendelbo Valdemar Stroe Ren, Emil Nicolai »


MAGAZINE PROJECT – made by ten international photojournalism students during a workshop at DMJX in April 2019. The ten photojournalists are: Mushfiq Mahbub Turjo, Bangladesh Shirin Abedi, Germany/Iran Michelle Hanks, USA Guillaume Derclaye, Belgium Deepti Asthana, India Saara Tuominen, Finland Haris Begic, Holland/Bosnia Ellie Cherryhomes, USA Aurelie Demesse, Belgium Yehyun »

Distant Love

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Julie Kristensen and Andreas Merrald – made during 3rd term in the fall 2018. A film about five couples trying to maintain their love despite the great distance between them. Through Skype they get a sense of connection but when you blow a kiss from Thailand to »

After Elias

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Katinka Klinge Albrectsen, Oscar Scott Carl and Mads Frost – made during 3rd term in the fall 2018. Lene’s boyfriend died a month ago. Now she lives with his parents to share the pain with someone that understands. The film won Award of Excellence at the 74th »


MAGAZINE PROJECT by nine international photojournalist students made during Photo I programme at DMJX in the fall 2018. The nine students are: Marco Carmignan (Italy) Patrick Riley (Australia) Henrik Røyne (Norway) Elke Numeyer (Australia) Marcel Top (Belgium) Adrian Francis (USA) Jelle de Ru (Holland) Mathilda Spetz (Sweden) Manuel Seoane (Bolivia) »

No one could catch me

STILL PICTURE STORY by Tobias Kobborg Kristensen – made in the fall 2018 during his third term at DMJX. 18-year-old Cornelius Kemboi attends Saints Patrick’s High School in Iten, following in the footsteps of star runners like David Rudisha and Wilson Kipketer. Cornelius dreams of becoming a champion and raise »

A Boys Home in Nuuk

STILL PICTURE STORY by Oscar Scott Carl – made in the fall 2018 during his third term at DMJX. Six neglected Greenlandic boys have found a safe home at an orphanage called “Kaassassuk” in Nuuk. The red and white house is filled with both hugging and anger, but most of »

EPA Sweden

STILL PICTURE STORY by Benjamin Nørskov – made during his 7th and 8th term in 2018. In the rural parts of Sweden, teenage boys and girls, age 15 to 17 take advantage of a loophole in the Swedish law, that makes it legal to drive a car, if it can »

An Elegy for the Death of Hamun

STILL PICTURE STORY by Hashem Shakeri – made as his final project during Photo I in the spring 2018. As the largest province of the country, Sistan and Baluchestan is located in the southeast of Iran and it shares borders with Afghanistan and Pakistan. Once a forest in the distant »

I never realized

STILL PICTURE STORY by Anna-Tia Buss made as her final project during Photo I in the spring 2018. A collection of stories from women about their relationship to their own bodies in regards to beauty standards. The intimate battles women are fighting with their bodies are often triggered by comments, »


MAGAZINE PROJECT – with 15 stories from the island of Amager, outside Copenhagen, Denmark. The book is produced by 16 second term photojournalism students at DMJX in the spring 2018. The 16 students are: Sophie Voisin, Mads Frost, Simon Trøjgaard Jepsen, Christian Lykking, Kasper Heden Andersen, Julie Kristensen, Aleksander Klug, »

Panta Rhei

MAGAZINE PROJECT by international photojournalism students at DMJX – made in the spring 2018. The nine students are: Alireza Goudarzi (Iran) Anna-Tia Buss (Germany) Amira Mortada (Egypt) Davis Winborne (USA) Elias Lahtinen (Finland) Stephanie Simcox (UK) Morgan Hornsby (USA) Hashem Shakeri (Iran) and Habiba Nowrose (Bangladesh). The teachers at the »

A + C

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Olivia Loftlund, Maria Bentzon and Laura Krogh – made during 3rd term in the fall 2017. When Anna started working as Chorouqs assistant, she never imagined that they would become this close. Anna and Chorouq have one week left at Egmont Højskolen. This is a special Danish »

Heart of a Seal

STILL PICTURE STORY by Lukas Kreibig – made in the fall 2017 as his final project during our Photo I programme. Nature dictates the rhythm of life in the mountain village of Uummannaq, an island off the coast of Greenland. Living off the grid, the Inuit inhabitants have always relied »


STILL PICTURE STORY by Mathias Svold and Ulrik Hasemann – made as their final BA project in 2017. In Denmark we never find ourselves farther than 50 kilometers from the ocean and the coastline remains a deeply ingrained part of Danish identity. It is a work place, a sanctuary, a »