I am afraid of dying


by Emilie Lærke Henriksen and Marius Renner Christensen.

Line suffers from several forms of anxiety. During the corona outbreak, they have worsened significantly. The changes to reality and everyday life, the virus has brought about, are a big challenge to people with anxiety.

Line isolated herself at home with her boyfriend, Malthe and took all the possible precautions to be able to handle the anxiety. She is washing all of the food entering the house to prevent being infected with the coronavirus. Furthermore, her exam anxiety worsened after the university was closed and she had to study from home. With the support from her boyfriend, Line tries to handle her situation while things seem to become more and more unmanageable.

The story is made by DMJX students Emilie Lærke Henriksen and Marius Renner Christensen during their exchange study at Lebanese American University in Beirut in the spring 2020.
Due to the Covid-19 lock down, the two students followed the exchange study from Denmark.

The story won Gold in Multimedia: Standalone Group Story or Essay at CPOY – 75th College Photographer of the Year 2020.