I am afraid of dying

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Emilie Lærke Henriksen and Marius Renner Christensen. Line suffers from several forms of anxiety. During the corona outbreak, they have worsened significantly. The changes to reality and everyday life, the virus has brought about, are a big challenge to people with anxiety. Line isolated herself at home »

International students selected for fall 2020 term

We’re happy to announce that we have selected the international students, who are going to study at DMJX after the summer break. We received 42 applications and have selected 10 students for our international Photo I programme and three students, who will join our Danish final year students during the »

Online magazine reception in the dark light of Covid-19

For the first time ever, it was necessary to hold an online reception for our recent student magazine, “it wasn’t supposed to be like this”. More than 30 people from all over the world joined the event. Shortly after our eight international students began their magazine workshop, Denmark was closed »