DMJX in the media around the world

During the past couple of weeks, DMJX photojournalism has been the focus for various media stories. Here’s an overview.

The recent edition of the news letter “Dansk Dokumentarisme” by Sigrid Nygaard and Emil Ryge focusses entirely on the DMJX photojournalism programs.
With the title “The Youth is coming” the news letter presents the DMJX students Louise Herrche Serup, Aleksander Klug, Magnus Hove, Laura Bisgaard Krogh, Mathias Eis Schultz, Mads Joakim Rimer Rasmussen, Valdemar Stroe Ren, Jesper Houborg, Tilde Døssing Tornbjerg, Marcus Emil Christensen, Heba Khamis, Matt Abbott, Mario Wezel, Somaz Daryani, Sina Niemeyer and Jacob Moscovitch,
Photo by Louise Herrche Serup from her Visual Project “I’ll eat you up. I love you so”.

Søren Pagter has been interviewed for Leica Oscar Barnack Award about his thoughts and role as nominator for the grant.

DEDI – The Danis Egyptian Dialogue Initiative has publshed an article about the educational program that we have conducted in Cairo. In the article they present each of the photographers behind the student exhibition that were a part of Cairo Photo Week.
Photo by Hala Hesham from her story “Sentenced to Life”, which is one of the ten exhibited stories from the DEDI-funded DMJX Student Exhibition.

The DMJX student exhibition in Cairo was presented in the TV show Sabah El Balad on the TV channel Sada El Balad