Nordic and Russian photographers meet for masterclass in Istanbul

Nordic Journalist Center (NJC) organizes a documentary photography masterclass for 11 Nordic and Russian photographers in Istanbul from November 22nd till 30rd. The masterclass is conducted by DMJX alumni Mads Nissen and DMJX faculty teacher Mads Greve. The 11 Nordic and Russian photographers have been selected for the “Transit Istanbul” masterclass, where »

Visit from Chai Khana X KulBroen Mentorship

Wednesday November 21st, the Chai Khana X KulBroen Mentorship for young photographers visited DMJX and met with a group of DMJX students. Chai Khana X KulBroen Mentorship is a program for young photographers from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Denmark. During the visit the young photographers met with DMJX photojournalist students to »

Nine prizes to DMJX students at the 77th CPOY competition

The judging of both the multimedia and still picture categories of the 77th College Photographer of the Year has concluded at The University of Missouri in Columbia, USA. DMJX students received nine prizes in this year’s competition. Multimedia – Short documentary – FinalistA Good Day Never Returns Badly by Christian »

Outdoor screening and exhibition opening at Open School Event

Friday the 21st November, DMJX opened the school to the public and to the participants at the ECREA Conference that was held in Aarhus. As part of the Impact Tour, DMJX photojournalism screened images on the roof terrace and opened a new exhibition in the school’s gallery. During the evening »

Talks and opening of World Press Photo in Copenhagen

Thursday the 22nd September, DMJX students visited Copenhagen for talks by two Canon ambassadors, a guided tour of the World Press Photo exhibition and to participate in the official opening of the exhibition in Pressen, at the newspaper Politiken. »

Jasper Bastian exhibits at GAF in Hannover

Back in 2013, Jasper Bastian graduated Photo II with his project Across The River about the ethnically divided city of Mitrovica. The project is currently part of a group exhibition with the title Flussgeschicten (River Stories) at Gallerie Für Fotografie in Hannover. The group exhibition Flussgeschichten shows work from Giulio »

Mikkel Hørlyck exhibits at Helsinki Photo Festival

Mikkel Hørlyck has been selected to exhibit his long -term project Jørgen, a Mystery at Helsinki Photo Festival, which runs right now in the capital of Finland. Mikkel Hørlyck graduated from DMJX in 2021. He has followed and photographed Jørgen on and off over a period of more than five »

Three DMJX students at the second part of The Canon Student Development Programme

Second round of The Canon Student Development Programme was held last week in Girona, Spain, where 30 students were invited for a 5-day workshop. DMJX students Mohamed Mahdy, Marius Christensen and Valdemar Stroe Ren joined the programme. During the five-days workshop, the participants had lectures, workshop and port folio reviews. »

Aarhus Portraits exhibition at Dokk1

Thursday the 1st of September, our ten international Photo I students went out into the city of Aarhus to portray its citizens. The students worked from Aarhus Public Library, Dokk1, where the public could follow the students’ selection and post production work. Friday the 2nd of September, an exhibition with »

And the winner of the ECCA-DMJX Photojournalism Award is…

We are happy to announce that Sarah Hartvigsen Juncker and Louise Herrche Serup won the ECCA-DMJX Photojournalism Award for their BA-project You Still Don’t Know My Name. Four BA/Diploma projects were nominated for the very first ECCA-DMJX Photojournalism Award made in co-operation between ECCA Family Foundation and DMJX Photojournalism. The »

Welcome lecture with Marie Hald

Monday the 29th of August, more than 50 photojournalism students from all semesters gathered for this term’s welcome lecture by Marie Hald. »

BA-projects presented at People’s Climate Meeting

ATLA Platform are hosting a meeting at the People’s Climate Meeting on the 3rd of September in Middelfart, where two BA-projects will be presented and form the basis for the discussion. You can join the event at this link. »

First-Year Project led to book project

In the spring 2018, Katinka Klinge Albrectsen made her First-Year project about Asta-Michael Njor Boisen, who is an instructor in feminin self defense. Now, the two have made a book together. »

Khashayar Javanmardi nominated for the prestigious Prix Elysée

Khashayar Javanmardi (K.J) is among the only eight photographers nominated for the 5th edition of the international Prix Elysée. K.J. is nominated for his final project “See the Caspian”. The Prix Elysée is an international prize that supports photographic production and encourages mid-career photographers or artists from around the world »

Sandipa Malakar in The Times of India

During the magazine workshop at Photo I, Sandipa Malakar made a story about two Ukrainian refugees and their kids. Sandipa continued to photograph and be a part of the women’s lives, while she was studying in Denmark. Now, the story about Sandipa’s experience has been published in The Times of »