Katrine Noer selected for The Other Hundred Healers

Katrine Noer‘s magazine story “Far From Near” from her second term has been selected for The Other Hundred Healers. “Far From Near” is made in Denmark in the spring 2020, when the Danish children were allowed back to school after a month of lock down due to Covid-19. Katrine followed »

Mads Greve exhibits and gives a talk at Festival Vizualizator

Faculty teacher and photographer Mads Greve exhibits his project “Blind Date” at Festival Vizualizator 2020, which is held in Beograd, Serbia from November, 18 to December, 5. Monday the 30th November at 6pm, Mads Greve will give an online lecture about his personal projects. »

Photo I students have lauched their magazine “Common Ground”

Friday the 20th of November, our Photo I students launched their magazine Common Ground as a conclusion of their four weeks’ magazine workshop. The nine students behind the magazine are:Renja Nurmi (Finland)Thea Marie Klinger (Germany)Nicola Lanciotti (Italy)Salih Basheer (Sudan)Simon Gerlinger (Germany)Arafat Bin Siraji (Bangladesh)Katie Reahl (USA)Azadeh Besharati (Iran)Pranabesh Das (Bangladesh) »

International students selected for spring 2021

We’re happy to announce the 11 international students, who are going to study at DMJX during the spring 2021 term. All the students will join our international Photo II programme, which begins the 25th of January 2021. The 12 Photo II students are:Salih Basheer, SudanSimon Gerlinger; GermanyArafat Siraji, BangladeshAzadeh Besharati, »

Common Ground

MAGAZINE PROJECT by nine international students of photojournalism made at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in the fall 2020. The students are:Renja Nurmi (Finland)Thea Marie Klinger (Germany)Nicola Lanciotti (Italy)Salih Basheer (Sudan)Simon Gerlinger (Germany)Arafat Bin Siraji (Bangladesh)Katie Reahl (USA)Azadeh Besharati (Iran)Pranabesh Das (Bangladesh) The teachers at the workshop have »

Andreas Haubjerg exhibits his BA-project

When Andreas Haubjerg made his BA-project “A Real Man” this fall, he originally planned it to be an outdoor exhibition. Now, the exhibition will be realized from Thursday d. 19. november at Islands Brygge Havnepark in Copenhagen. “A Real Man” shows 16 personal stories about men, who have been victims »

First student exhibition at the new campus

Friday the 6th of November, our third term students launched their reportage exhibition as the first student exhibition at the new campus in Aarhus. The 13 third term students have made individual reportage stories in both images and texts. The pictures are now hanging in the front hall of the »

Huge prints of EPA Sweden

Benjamin Nørskov is currently exhibiting his project EPA Sweden at Abecita Arts Museum in Borås, Sweden. For the exhibition he has produced pictures that are more than 13 square meters large. EPA, Sweden are stories about youngsters in Sweden, who according to the law can drive EPA tractors on the »

19 DMJX Prizes at CPOY

DMJX students won a record high number of 19 prizes in the still picture and multimedia categories at this year’s College Photographer of the Year (CPOY), which has been judged during the past weeks at the University of Missouri. The DMJX students won first prizes in six out of the »

Jacob Moscovitch’s “Holding Imma” at NPR online

Jacob Moscovitch‘s final photo story “Holding Imma” is presented online at NPR Picture Show right now. On April 17, Jacob’s grandmother passed away from cancer in Israel. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the family was not able to travel there for the funeral proceedings. “Holding Imma” is Jacob’s personal story »

Jesper Houborg has won second prize at Direct Look competition

Jesper Houborg‘s story “We Are Still Here” has received a second prize at the Direct Look photo contest organized by FOTODOC Center for Documentary Photography at the Sakharov Center in Moscow. We are still here” is a visual investigation of the collective spirit – zeitgeist – of the young nation, »

Nanna Navntoft has received “Kravlingprisen”

At the award ceremony Saturday evening October 10, Nanna Navntoft received this year’s “Kravlingprisen” in the photography category. Nanna Navtoft received the prize for her long term project about Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and over eating. Nanna has worked on the topic for around two years. She made her first »

Three lectures to prepare the students for their final projects

During the days, we have had a series of lectures to prepare our students for their final BA and diploma projects. The first talk was with Sara Galbiati, Tobias Selnæs and Peter Helles, who shared the process of making their up-coming book, The Merge. The next two lectures were held »

Sigrid Nygaard at DMJX

Tuesday evening, picture editor and photographer Sigrid Nygaard gave a talk at DMJX. The talk was organized by the organisation Fotografisk Salon and all DMJX photojournalist students were invited to participate. Sigrid Nygaard started her talk by taking the audience through her job as picture editor during the past more »

Benjamin Nørskov on EPA exhibition-tour in Sweden

One year ago, Benjamin Nørskov opened his first “EPA, Sweden” exhibition at Värmland’s Museum in Karlstad. This Saturday, he opened a new exhibition at Jönköpings Läns Museum and next month, “EPA, Sweden” can be seen at Abecita Arts Museum in Borås. EPA, Sweden are stories about youngsters in Sweden, who »

Welcome lecture by Tobias Nicolai

Photojournalist Tobias Nicolai gave this term’s welcoming lecture for more than 40 photojournalis students on Tuesday the 8th of September. “Don’t say no”. During the first part of his lecture, Tobias Nicolai shared a lot of inside information about how he works on assignments and solves visual challenges for his »

Pop-up exhibition at Dokk1

During nine working hours on Friday the 4th of September, 15 DMJX students and three teachers created a pop-up portrait exhibition at Dokk1 in Aarhus. The students met at 9am and were immediately sent out into the streets of Aarhus to meet and portray the people of the city. During »

We’re back at school

Almost three weeks ago, Monday the 17th of August, our 8th term and Photo II students started at the new DMJX school as the very first group of students after the Covid-19 shut down and the summer break. One week later, the Photo I and 7th term students came back »

“A Question of Honour” is being exhibited in various towns in Denmark

Photographer Laura Bisgaard Krogh, journalist Mikkel Thuesen and photographer Andreas Haubjerg are showing their documentary project ‘A Question of Honour’ as an outdoor photo exhibition in different towns in Denmark, including Svendborg, Sønderborg and Holstebro. ‘A Question of Honour’ shows portraits and tells the stories of children and teenagers, who »