I am afraid of dying

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Emilie Lærke Henriksen and Marius Renner Christensen. Line suffers from several forms of anxiety. During the corona outbreak, they have worsened significantly. The changes to reality and everyday life, the virus has brought about, are a big challenge to people with anxiety. Line isolated herself at home »


VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Katie Reahl and Simon Gerlinger Video Portrait that shows the situation of an illegal refugee hiding away. Produced by: Simon Sticker Thanks to: A. , Sina, Christoph and Kathrin »

Before I disappear

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Andreas Beukel Vinther and Tobias Stidsen – made during third semester in the fall 2019. Jessica is 19 years old and suffers from crippling OCD. She struggles to perform even the most mundane daily tasks and dreams of a life free from her condition. »

A New Home

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Deepti Asthana and Michelle Hanks – made during the Photo I programme in the spring 2019. Mahmoud Bayragdar, 29, lived a good and comfortable life back in Damascus, Syria. But in 2011 he had to flee because of the Syrian civil war. Three years later, Mahmoud found »

Distant Love

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Julie Kristensen and Andreas Merrald – made during 3rd term in the fall 2018. A film about five couples trying to maintain their love despite the great distance between them. Through Skype they get a sense of connection but when you blow a kiss from Thailand to »

After Elias

VIDEO DOCUMENTARY by Katinka Klinge Albrectsen, Oscar Scott Carl and Mads Frost – made during 3rd term in the fall 2018. Lene’s boyfriend died a month ago. Now she lives with his parents to share the pain with someone that understands. The film won Award of Excellence at the 74th »

A + C

VIDEO DOCUMENTARYby Olivia Loftlund, Maria Bentzon and Laura Krogh – made during 3rd term in the fall 2017. When Anna started working as Chorouqs assistant, she never imagined that they would become this close. Anna and Chorouq have one week left at Egmont Højskolen. This is a special Danish Folk »

That which still stands

ONLINE STORY by Rune Aarestrup Pedersen and Anders Rye Skjoldjensen – made in the fall 2017 as their final BA-project. Wildfires are raging across the world, destroying lives and leaving homes in ashes. With the climate changing, nothing suggests the wildfires will stop anytime soon. One of the most affected »