by 11 fourth term photojournalism students, made at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in the spring 2023.

The magazine covers the students’ stories exhibited at Copenhagen Photo Festival 2023.

The ten stories at the exhibition and in the magazine are:

Axel Emil Hammerbo – “Young People Take Up Climate Responsibility”
Benjamin Voldum Krog – ”Where Mountains Meet Fjords and People Unite With Nature”
Emil Bay Gregersen & Martin Thomas Ford – How a Small Group of People Created a Village”
Emilie Toldam Futtrup – “Ni una más // Not ONE More //”
Liv Latricia Habel – “The Rainbow Colors of Accra – untold stories of the local LGBTQ community”
Maria Høy Hansen – “Hidden Away”
Nichlas Arturo Pollier – “A Heart in the Shadow”
Rasmus H. Breum – “There’s Something in the Water”
Rebecca Helene Hoffmann – “The Tired Brains of Young Girls”
Rosaline Ben-Baruch Lange – “Vrãjitoare – The Witches of Romania”