MAGAZINE PROJECTby 12 Danish second term photojournalist students made in the spring 2021 at DMJX. The magazine consists of ten stories from the Danish island, Langeland made during one week’s reportage trip. The 12 students behind the magazine are:Brage BorupHannah Aurora AlmstrupKim FrostMarius NimmandChristan Falck WolffStine SchjøtlerRune ØeFrederik DanielsenAnne Kiib »

Common Ground

MAGAZINE PROJECT by nine international students of photojournalism made at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in the fall 2020. The students are:Renja Nurmi (Finland)Thea Marie Klinger (Germany)Nicola Lanciotti (Italy)Salih Basheer (Sudan)Simon Gerlinger (Germany)Arafat Bin Siraji (Bangladesh)Katie Reahl (USA)Azadeh Besharati (Iran)Pranabesh Das (Bangladesh) The teachers at the workshop have »

[Det vi ikke kan se]

MAGAZINE PROJECT by 14 Danish second term students made during the Covid-19 lock down period in the spring 2020 at DMJX. Vi kan ikke se det. Alligevel fylder det. Mere end før. Angsten. Kærligheden. Naboskabet. Lettelsen ved at se et fly tegne striber på himlen. Festen, der bruser ud gennem »

it wasn’t supposed to be like this

MAGAZINE PROJECT by eight international students of photojournalism made during the Covid-19 lock down period in the spring 2020 at DMJX. We could’ve had the best six monthsMake images, unprecedented Make ties, unbreakable. Then it came in the night, That word – Pandemic. It echoed in the room Everywhere Spread »


MAGAZINE PROJECT by nine international students of photojournalism made during a workshop at DMJX in the fall 2019. The nine students are: Mackenzie Brockman (USA), Khashayar Javanmardi (Iran), Maggie Svoboda (USA), Jessica Miles (England), Tariq Safieh (Syria), Tripty Tamang Pakhrin (Nepal), Hadi Uddin (Bangladesh), Moloy Ranjan Biswas (Bnagladesh), Anna Fritsche »


BOOK PROJECT by Sofie Mathiassen and Sille Veilmark made as their final BA project in the spring 2019 at DMJX. The average world temperature has risen above 1°C over the last century. Everywhere on earth the climate is changing. The Paris agreement, signed by the world leaders in 2015, put »


MAGAZINE PROJECT by 12 second term Danish photojournalism students made during a workshop in April 2019. The 12 students went to the island Morsø in Denmark, where they made individual stories about the people and the island. The 12 students are: Marie Ravn, Søren Vendelbo Valdemar Stroe Ren, Emil Nicolai »


MAGAZINE PROJECT – made by ten international photojournalism students during a workshop at DMJX in April 2019. The ten photojournalists are: Mushfiq Mahbub Turjo, Bangladesh Shirin Abedi, Germany/Iran Michelle Hanks, USA Guillaume Derclaye, Belgium Deepti Asthana, India Saara Tuominen, Finland Haris Begic, Holland/Bosnia Ellie Cherryhomes, USA Aurelie Demesse, Belgium Yehyun »


MAGAZINE PROJECT by nine international photojournalist students made during Photo I programme at DMJX in the fall 2018. The nine students are:Marco Carmignan (Italy)Patrick Riley (Australia)Henrik Røyne (Norway)Elke Numeyer (Australia)Marcel Top (Belgium)Adrian Francis (USA)Jelle de Ru (Holland)Mathilda Spetz (Sweden)Manuel Seoane (Bolivia) The magazine and pictures were exhibited at the American University »

Red Horse

BOOK PROJECT by Emilia Kangasluoma made in the spring 2018 as her final Diploma Project. A Native American Kiowa tribe has a myth about the Twin Boys. The Twin Boys wanted to race a horse but they had no horse.So they made one.The body was formed from red clay of »


MAGAZINE PROJECT – with 15 stories from the island of Amager, outside Copenhagen, Denmark. The book is produced by 16 second term photojournalism students at DMJX in the spring 2018. The 16 students are: Sophie Voisin, Mads Frost, Simon Trøjgaard Jepsen, Christian Lykking, Kasper Heden Andersen, Julie Kristensen, Aleksander Klug, »

Panta Rhei

MAGAZINE PROJECT by international photojournalism students at DMJX – made in the spring 2018. The nine students are: Alireza Goudarzi (Iran) Anna-Tia Buss (Germany) Amira Mortada (Egypt) Davis Winborne (USA) Elias Lahtinen (Finland) Stephanie Simcox (UK) Morgan Hornsby (USA) Hashem Shakeri (Iran) and Habiba Nowrose (Bangladesh). The teachers at the »