by Sofie Mathiassen and Sille Veilmark made as their final BA project in the spring 2019 at DMJX.

The average world temperature has risen above 1°C over the last century. Everywhere on earth the climate is changing. The Paris agreement, signed by the world leaders in 2015, put global warming on our agenda as one of times’ biggest challenges.

The scientists are not in doubt. Global warming is caused by humans, and the consequences are happening right now.

Climate changes has a significant impact on various local matters in the Danish society. We experience storms more frequently and record warm summers.

Since the 20th century, the total water level in Denmark has increased by 30 centimeters and the average annual rainfall has increased by 150 millimeters. During the same period, we have been hit by 13 hurricanes. Eleven of the hurricanes have hit us in the last 50 years.

Denmark’s natural heritage is changing. Some of the changes are a direct consequence of the rise in temperature, while others are consequential effects. It does not only affect biodiversity, but also man and our relationship with nature.

Through 18 local stories the photographers Sille Veilmark and Sofie Mathiassen investigate some of the changes that are happening right now in Denmark as a result of global warming

The project won the Ritzau Scanpix Prize for best photojournalistic BA-project at the graduation ceremony in june 2019.