it wasn’t supposed to be like this

by eight international students of photojournalism made during the Covid-19 lock down period in the spring 2020 at DMJX.

We could’ve had the best six months
Make images, unprecedented
Make ties, unbreakable.

Then it came in the night,
That word –


It echoed in the room
Spread within days, contagious.

Everything shifted.
And so did we.

We made a new way
Eight people
One voice, one story.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this
But then, it was.

The eight students behind the magazine are:
Farhana Satu (Bangladesh)
Solmaz Daryani (Iran)
Maddie Davis (USA)
Sabry Khaled (Egypt)
Lutfor Rahman (Bangladesh)
Tristen Rouse (USA)
Nic Antaya (USA)
Jacob Moscovitch (USA)

The teachers at the workshop have been: Mathilde Bech (photojournalism) Gitte Luk (written journalism) Lars Bai (design and layout).