Amalie Mørk Haun’s second term story published in Femina

Amalie Mørk Haun‘s short documentary story made during her first photojournalistic workshop at second term has been published in the Danish magazine Femina.

Screenshot of Amalie Mørk Haun’s story about 28-year old Josefine Vang Jacobsen .
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Amalie Mørk Haun’s story focusses on the life of Josefine Vang Jacobsen, 28, who is a mother and is on early retirement due to chronic diseases. For Josefine Vang Jacobsen early retirement has been paramount for her quality of life.

Amalie Mørk Haun made the story as her short documentary project to finish the workshop Photojournalistic Method I during her second term at DMJX in the spring 2024.

A few pictures from the story:

“The corset helps keep the pain in,” explains Josefine. She wears it every day.
Photo from the story by Amalie Mørk Haun
On February 24, 2024, Josefine Vang Jacobsen turned 28. The birthday was held at her parents’ home in Roskilde. They tend to do that. Photo from the story by Amalie Mørk Haun
Josefine was picked up in an ambulance and taken to Køge Hospital. She usually has three seizures, where the only thing that helps is S-ketamine. Sometimes she passes out. It also happened this Sunday. Her mother, Anni, is Josefine’s extended arm.
Photo from the story by Amalie Mørk Haun
Josefine must constantly think one step ahead to save energy. “There are many people who see young people and think that they can’t be ill, but why can’t we also be?” asks Josefine. She is tired of not being able to work. The early retirement, on the other hand, has given Josefine peace. Stability. An excess to be there for her family. Despite illness.
Photo from the story by Amalie Mørk Haun