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CPOY: Five DMJX winners in multimedia

The multimedia categories at CPOY have been judged and five DMJX-projects won in the three different categories.


The five winning projects are:


Gold to Rune Aarestrup Pedersen in Individual Multimedia Story or Essay:  

Screen shot of Rune's story "Changing Every Day", which he made during his exchange study at our partner school Western Kentucky University. Click the image to watch the story.


Silver to Louise Herrche Serup / Andreas Haubjerg in Documentary Short Video:

Screen shot from the video documentary "Subspace" by Louise Herrche Serup & Andreas Haubjerg. The short documentary has been made during a workshop at DMJX in the spring 2017.


AOE to Malene Anthony Nielsen in Documentary Short Video:

 Screen shot from the video documentary "Am I dying" by Malene Anthony Nielsen. The short documentary has been made during Malene's internship at the daily Berlingske. Earlier this year, Malene also won the Open Category at the Danish POY with this story. Click the image to watch the story.


AOE to Anne Bæk / Morten Lau-Nielsen in Documentary Short Video:

Screen shot from the video documentary "The Letter" by Anne Bæk & Morten Lau-Nielsen The short documentary has been made during a workshop at DMJX in the spring 2017. "The Letter" was also a part of our anniversary exhibition in June this year. Click the image to watch the story.


Silver to Christine Simon / Lukas Krebig in Group Multimedia Story or Essay:

Screen shot from the video documentary "A Lost Childhood" by Christine Simons & Lukas Kreibig. The short documentary has been made during a workshop at DMJX in the spring 2017. Click the image to watch the story.

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Mathias Svold wins College Photographer of the Year

Mathias Svold has won the portfloio category at CPOY and has thereby been awarded College Photographer of the Year, which is the main prize of the competition.


A group of girls are singing and dancing in the sea because the youth team of ‘Bogense IF’ have just won a football match 2-1 against 'Rudkøbing Boldklub'. Picture by Mathias Svold from the story "Always the same and never alike".

Early morning (Danish time) the jury at CPOY judged the last category of the competition - the portfolio category. Four portfolios were in the final round and among these a portfolio by Mathias Svold. In the final voting the jury selected Mathias Svold as the main winner of this year's CPOY.


Picture by Mathiad Svold from the story "The Lost Boys of Belgrade".


As College Photographer of the Year Mathias Svold wins an internship at National Geographic.


Mathias Svold's portfolio consisted of four different stories, where all of them have been made at DMJX together with another DMJX student, Ulrik Hasemann. Among the stories is "The Wild Within", which was exhibited at our anniversry exhibtion in June this year. And another story was "Always The Same And Never Alike", which was Mathias Svold and Ulrik Hasemann's final BA project from this spring.


In the past years DMJX have had great succes in the CPOY competition. This is also the case this year, where DMJX students have received several prizes in the competition - for instance first prize to Emil Hougaard in the Spot News category and first prize to Simon Læssøe in the Feature category.


All the DMJX winners can be seen on this website, where we have updated news from each day of the competition.


Next week the CPOY will continue with the video/multimedia categories.

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Heba Khamis wins second prize at PH museum grant

Heba Khamis has won the second prize at PH Museum Women Photographers' Grant.


Suzanne, 11 years old, experienced breast ironing couple of months before that image until her breast totally gone.
Picture by Heba Khamis from the story "Banned Beauty", which gave Heba a second prize at PH Museum Women Photographers' Grant.


Heba Khamis has received the PH Museum grant based on her story "Banned Beauty" about breast ironing in Cameroon. Heba made the story as her final Diploma Project at DMJX in the fall 2016.


Noopiote-Justine is massaging her 11 years old daughter's breasts with a warm stone. Cameroonians do breast ironing secretly at home. feeling ashamed that their daughter already had breasts and does breast ironing.
Picture by Heba Khamis from the story "Banned Beauty", which gave Heba a second prize at PH Museum Women Photographers' Grant.


Heba Khamis is currently an intern at Noor Images in Amsterdam.

CPOY third day: Mikkel Hørlyck wins bronze

Mikkel Hørlyck has won Bronze in the Documentary category on the third day of the CPOY judging.


Andrei, 10, looks up without seeing. He was born blind. At the orphanage the most common diagnoses are autism, Down’s syndrome and epilepsy. Most of the inhabitants at the orphanage were born with their disabilities and have grown up in the institution. The oldest is 40 years old; the youngest a newborn child.
Picture from Mikkel Hørlyck's story "The Neglected", which gave him a third prize at CPOY yesterday.


Mikkel wins with the story "The Neglected", which he made during his third term reportage workshop and, which was also exhibited as a part of our 25 years anniversary exhibition.

CPOY third day: Prizes in two more categories

On the third day of CPOY two DMJX projects received prizes in two different categories.


The DMJX winners are:


Silver, Interpretive Project to Mathias Svold & Ulrik Hasemann for their project "The Lost Boys of Belgrade":Picture from the series "The Lost Boys of Belgrade" by Mathias Svold and Ulrik Hasemann.


AOE, Domestic Picture Story to Nanna Navntoft for her story "Rextur":

In order to earn the title of “Royal Guard” each recruit will have to survive four days in the woods - the so-called “Rextur”. To any young man unaccustomed to such a challenge it is a rough introduction to life as an army soldier. Only those who make it through these four days of total exhaustion, hunger, and humiliation are given the highly sought-after emblem - the “Rex badge” which shows the world that they are not recruits anymore, but part of The Royal Guard. 1. company, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd platoon. Picture by Nanna Navntoft from the series "Rextur".

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CPOY second day: Seven more winners

The second day of the CPOY judging started with four DMJX students winning in the Feature category. Later in the day DMJX-students also won in the International Picture Story and General News categories.


The seven winners on the second day are:


Gold, Feature to Simon Læssøe:

A group of Rama people from the jungle village of Bangukuk has gotten up early, to catch some of the last shrimps of the season. The Rama people are a legally recognized indigenous people living along the east coast of Nicaragua. In their city, Bangkukuk, they all live in tree houses built on stilts and they are far away from phone coverage, internet and civilization. Photo: Simon Læssøe.


Bronze, Feature to Ólafur Steiner Gestsson:

In Beirut, Lebanon, it is a local tradition to tame pigeons. The pigeons live in a cage during the night, but fly around freely during the day, and always return. Some pigeons are more consistent while returning to the cage, so they must be captured. Photo: Ólafur Steiner Gestsson.


AOE, Feature to Ivan Riordan Boll:

Some eat duck. Others eat pork. And others again eat goose. The geese get to walk around on the small Danish island Sejerø from early summer till mid-december. There are no wild animals on the island. But then, when the Danes are about to gather for Christmas, slaughter Laurids Christensen make sure that you get your meat to put on your plate. Photo: Ivan Riordan Boll.


AOE, Feature to Nanna Navntoft:

Each year around 450 young men and women roam around the woods in Gribskov, Denmark as part of their military service. Typically, a Danish soldier spends four months in the army. But in The Royal Guard each soldier spends eight months. Photo: Nanna Navntoft.


Silver, International Picture Story & Bronze, General News to Mathias Svold & Ulrik Hasemann:

About 1,000 refugees and migrants sleep in abandoned warehouses, train wagons and shacks behind the central train station in Belgrade, Serbia’s capital. From the picture story "The Stranded Boys of Belgrade" by Mathias Svold and Ulrik Hasemann.


AOE, International Picture Story to Mads Joakim Rimer Rasmussen:

Childhood in Shatila - a refugee camp located in Beirut, where a lot of people were killed in 1982. Today there is no police to be seen inside the camp, and it is the citizens themselves, who tries to maintain order. But the everyday life is dominated by drugdealers, gangs and fighting in streets. Shatila is a place where people get killed, and children grow up. From the picture story by Mads Joakim Rimer Rasmussen.

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CPOY: Four winners on the first day

Three DMJX students have won four prizes on the first day of the CPOY, where three categories have been judged.


Gold, Spot News to Emil Hougaard:

"Peace is worth nothing without justice” says Martin Livanze, a 23-year old inhabitant of the largest slum of Nairobi, Kibera. The opposition candidate of the Kenyan General Elections Raila Odinga has just announced his miscreditation of the electoral process. He is accusing the sitting and winning president for electoral fraud. A group of women run and chant in the streets. They have been doing it for four days with almost no sleep. "As soon as we lower the voice, the rest of the world will forget" they say. Photo: Emil Hougaard.


Bronze, Spot News to Ólafur Steiner Gestsson:

in Copenhagen: Left-wing protesters in counter-demonstration against a right-winged parade through Nørrebro - a multi ethnic neighbourhood of Copenhagen, Denmark. The police were highly represented to keep control of the situation. A left-wing protestor being pushed away from a police officer. Photo: Ólafur Steiner Gestsson.


Silver, Sports Action to Ólafur Steiner Gestsson:

Brøndby IF playing against Randers FC in the Danish Soccer League. Photo: Ólafur Steiner Gestsson.


Bronze, Portrait to Melissa Kühn Hjerrild:

“It is weird going to a pool, when there is a breast missing, and I am totally bold,” says the twenty five year old, Maria Christine Martinsen. Photo: Melissa Kühn Hjerrild.


The judging of CPOY takes place at Mizzou University in Columbia, USA and can be followed online.


During the first week all the 13 still pictures categories will be judged.

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Rooted - new student magazine

Last Friday out international Photo I students launched their magazine "Rooted" at a reception at DMJX.


Photo I student together with teacher Mathilde Bech in front of their magazine.


Now the magazine is available online by clicking the icon below.


The magazine is made by

Jennifer Christine Du Puis
Tahmineh Godazgar
Farzad Soleimani
Eman Bedir
Claudia Levetzow
Paul Francis Wilson
Jake Ernest Coombes


The teachers at the workshop have been:
Mathilde Bech (photojournalism)
Hanne Mølby Henriksen (written journalism)
Lars Bai (layout).

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Two student exhibitions at DMJX on Friday

Photo: Emma Line Sejersen.


Pictures, pictures, pictures. No matter where you look our class rooms are right now filled with pictures and busy students. Our international Photo I students and our Danish third term students are working hard finishing two new student exhbitions at DMJX.


The Photo I students discussing the layout of their magazine. Photo: Mathilde Bech.


The Photo I students will launch and exhibit their magazine, which will also be available online.


The third term students editing the picture story made by Peter Nygaard Christensen. Photo: Emma Line Sejersen.


The third term students will exhibit their long term reportage stories with stories from Georgia, Iceland, Spain, USA and Denmark.


Third term student Arthur Cammelbeeck

photographing his final edit.

Photo: Søren Pagter.


The two exhibitions will open this Friday at 1: 30 in the front hall at DMJX.

Second term students launch the magazine "Hobro"

For the past three weeks our Danish second term students have had a magazine workshop and today they're ready to launch their magazine "Hobro" with stories from the town by that name.


The magazine will be launched at a reception today at 1:30pm in the front hall of the school.

The magazine is made by:
Stine Rasmussen
Jens Hartmann Schmidt
Suhirrthavathy Thiruchelvam
Celina Kimmie Dahl
Iben Gad

The teachers at the workshop have been:
Mathilde Bech (photojournalism)
Hanne Mølby Henriksen (written journalism)
Lars N. Bai (design and layout)

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