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Svold and Hasemann in Information

Mathias Svold and Ulrik Hasemann has just finished a 7th semester assignment, where they went to Rold Forrest - the biggest forrest in Denmark - to tell stories from one of the few, natural and untouched areas in Denmark.


The spreads from Information this Saturday showing Mathias Svold and Ulrik Hasemann's 7th semester assignment. Picture by Ulrik Hasemann.


This weekend their pictures and stories were published in the daily Information - both on print and online.

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Ólafur Gestsson's picture is everywhere

A couple of weeks ago Ólafur Steiner Gestsson won an Award of Excellence at CPOY for his news picture from a public meeting in Kalundborg, Denmark.

Right now the picture and Ólafur's story behind it is behind published many places, for instance in Independant's Indy 100 and in the Icelandic magazine Visir.


Indy 100 writes in their caption for Ólafur's image: "A Danish photographer has captured the effect of anti-immigration politics in one image". Photo by Ólafur Steiner Gestsson.

Photo 1 approaching deadline

Our international Photo 1 students are approaching their deadline of the video documentaries. So this night and morning they've worked hard to be ready for screening at 11.

Sohail sleeping on the floor early in the morning, while another group of students work on their video documentary.

Photo by Søren Pagter.


On the left Tamara and Allison are discussing the quotes for their video documentary. On the right Patricia and Cora works with their project.

Photo by Søren Pagter.



Tamara and Allison are discussing the quotes for their video documentary.

Photo by Søren Pagter.

Sagar is editing the sound for his video documentary.

Photo Søren Pagter.


Teacher Poul Madsen explains the flow of the story to Charlotte, Wilma and Sarah.

Photo by Søren Pagter


Ólafur Gestsson interviewed about his winning picture

The American online media Quartz has interviewed Ólafur Steiner Gestsson about his prize winning image from a public meeting in Kalundborg.

You can read the interview here.


A public meeting in the danish town Kalundborg. The citizens of the town were discussing the plans of a new asylum center located close to the town center. A large part of the attended people were strongly against the new asylum center, fearing raised crime rates and insecurity for the people of the town.

Picture by Ólafur Steiner Gestsson.


Ólafur won Award of Excellence for the picture in the General News category at CPOY.

CPOY multimedia: Five out of seven winners from DMJX

The first category in the multimedia division at the CPOY has been judged and DMJX-students won five out of the seven prizes in the category for stories made by individuals or small teams.


Screen-shot of the story Crazy about Food by Sille Veilmark, Nanna Navntoft and Benjamin Nørskov.


Silver - Crazy about Food

by Sille Veilmark, Nanna Navntoft and Benjamin Nørskov.

Produktion made during third term at DMJX in the spring 2016.


Bronze - to Kenneth Koustrup

Production made during Kenneth's internship at Jyllands-Posten.


Award of Excellence - The Rumble

by Malene Anthony and Tobias Nicolai.

Production made during third term at DMJX in the fall 2015.


Award of Excellences - Everything for Family

by Emily Macinnes and Riina Rinne.

Production made during Photo1 at DMJX in the fall 2015.


Award of Excellence - Alone together

by Riina Rinne.

Riina's final Photo Story made during Photo1 at DMJX in the fall 2015.

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CPOY: A super ending of a great year for our students

The judging of the still picture division at CPOY has ended and the winners in the final three cactegories has been selected.


DMJX-students Janus Engel, Betina Garcia and Ulrik Hasemann has won in two of the categories:


Silver, Portfolio - Janus Engel

Roxshana, a 23 year old mother of 4 young children, has been widowed by the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan. Five months ago her husband went out to collect firewood, and was inexplicably struck by a stray bullet. After the death of her husband, she fled with her extended family, including her father in law, to Kabul, to seek the relative safety the capital offers. But with that safety comes slum-like living conditions. She and her children now live in half of a dirty shelter in the middle of one of Kabul’s informal settlements. “It’s so difficult here, we just have to take it day by day,” ... “After my husband died, my dreams died with him.” Roxshana helps make ends meet by selling cheap plastic bangles, on a good day making up to US$2. This barely covers food for the family, let alone other essentials, like medical care. More than 1.000.000 people are currently internally displaced in Afghanistan.

Picture from Janus Engel's winning portfolio.



Award of Excellence, Portfolio - Betina Garcia

He, She, It.

According to Alex it’s very hard to change sex, in particular the process of being in transition. In 2015 he came out to his family and friends as a lesbian because he liked girls, but at the same time he dressed very masculine. His mom had a hard time dealing with him being a lesbian why they haven’t talked since September, 2015 and she doesn’t know he know identify as a transgender guy. “I felt like an outsider as a lesbian. I was forced into this category and now I’m in a completely different category. I’m in a constant state of confusion,” he said.

Picture from Betina Garcia's winning portfolio.


Award of Excellence, Portfolio - Ulrik Hasemann

Together again.

Yahia Alhomsi has fled the war in Syria. Now he lives on the Danish island Fyn. On the 17th of October 2015 he was again united with the love of his life, his wife Mai, and their daughter Eva at the arrival terminal in Copenhagen Airport. Last time he saw her she was one month old, today she can walk. "Life stopped a year and five days ago," he says. "Today life begins again." After a long times wait Yahia finally received family reunification. They kiss and cry and cannot let go of each other.

Picture from Ulrik Hasemann's winning portfolio.


The Portfolio category is the main category, where the winner gets an internship at National Geographic. In this category the participants are judged on a large selection of pictures from various stories.


Award of Excellence, Documentary - Betina Garcia

The invasion from within.

Marcos Espinoza, 17, who is half Guatemalan and Mexican is born and raised in the U.S. He’s a son of illegal immigrants escaping local violence in Guatemala and Mexico. He represents a generation of Hispanics, the biggest and youngest minority group in the States currently counting 54 million people (2013).

Picture from Betina Garcia's story The Invasion from within.


This concludes the judging of the still picture categories at the 71st CPOY competition and what a year for our DMJX-students:

DMJX-students have won prizes in 11 out of the 14 categories.

In all DMJX-students have won 23 prizes divided between 15 different students.


Congratulations to all the winners.


The CPOY continues in the following five days with the judging of the multimedia categories.

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CPOY: six DMJX winners on day three

The third day of the CPOY judging ended last might (European time) and six more DMJX students won prizes in three of the four categories.


Bronze, General News - Ida Marie Odgaard

The widow and the relatives of Danish writer Mads Holger look a his coffin a last time before it is driven away.

Picture by Ida Marie Odgaard.


Award of Excellence in General News to Ólafur Steinar Gestsson and to Anders Rye Skjoldjensen.


Bronze, Interpretive Project - Simon Fals

Fear of Dark.

I were always afraid of the dark. I come from the city with constant light. So i decided to go into the dark to cure myself. I spent three weeks in a small cabin at a forest in Sweden. Every night I would walk out into the dark and try to get better at controlling my fear. This is what I saw during my walks.

Picture by Simon Fals.


Award of Excellence to Cecile Baudier in Interpretive Project.


Award of Excellence to Emil Hougaard in Interpretive Eye.


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CPOY: six DMJX winners on day two

Yesterday evening and night (European time) was the second day of the still picture categories at CPOY. The categories International Picture Story, Single Feature Picture, Single Sports Feature and Illustration were judged.


The judging resulted in six more DMJX winners in three of the categories.


In International Picture Story three our of the four winners were DMJX-students:


Silver, International Picture Story - Ulrik Hasemann

From the picture story "The Jungle of Europe".

The children Afa and Wafa, aged two and four, have lived in the camp with their parents for six weeks. The family comes from the Kurdish part of Iraq and fled because ISIS was just five kilometers from their town and more and more injured and dead arrived to their city. The father has four siblings in Manchester and the family hopes to move there, but they do not know how to get to England. They hoped to sneak aboard a truck going to England, but recently the security has been raised and they have not dared to try.

Picture by Ulrik Hasemann.


Bronze - International Picture Story - Marcel Maffei

From the picture story "Living on the Line of Fire".

Nelli, a fromer farmer lady, is staying crying in her kitchen, in her house in Nevelske. Place: Nevelske; Oblast Donetsk; East Ukraine.She is holding a hand crafted piece which her grand son made for her. He and his Parents are living on crimea. They haven't seen each other since the conflict starts and they only have rare contact possibilities.

Picture by Marcel Maffei.


And an Award of Excellence in International Picture Story to Anders Rye Skjoldjensen.


Gold - Single Illustration - Lasse Kofoed

In 2015 Danish Moviedirector Thomas Vinterberg finished his movie, The Commune. It describes the life in a Danish communal living, and the clash of personal needs and the dream of living in harmony with others. The table was the main object of the danish communal living - this was here problems was discussed and everybody met for dinner each night.
Picture by Lasse Kofoed.


And finally two Award of Excellences in the Single Feature category - one for Mathias Løvgreen Bojesen and one for Simon Læssøe.


This concludes the second day at the CPOY with a total of 14 prizes over the first two days.

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CPOY: Three winners in Single Portrait and Sports Action

The first day of the judging of CPOY has ended and the winners in three categories have been selected.


Late last night the winners in the Single Portrait and Sports Action categories were announced and two DMJX-students have won three prizes in these categories:


Silver, Single Portrait - Philip Davali

"They didn't kill me, but they have taken my life". Nazar Saad (34) photographed in his temporary home. He only stays the same place for a few months before moving to a new place. He still suffers from severe post traumatic stress syndrome, paranoia and anxiety after he was attacked and stabbed 29 times by two members of the criminal motorcycle club Hells Angels in the restroom of a bar in Copenhagen in 2013.

Photo by Philip Davali.


According to the judging screencast, Philip Davali has won silver for the above portrait. But, on the website the picture is announced as a bronze winner. Apparently there has been a mistake there.


The bronze winner is a former DMJX-student, Fabian Fiechter. He has won with the portrait of 82 years old sister Margaritha. Fabian hasn't made the portrait during his one year study at DMJX.


Award of Excellence, Single Portrait - Ulrik Hasemann

Pajk Malinovski is a third generation poet.

Photo by Ulrik Hasemann.


Bronze, Sports Action - Ulrik Hasemann

Open Water Swimming. Photo by Ulrik Hasemann.


Earlier on the first judging day four DMJX-student won five prizes in the Spot News category. Read more about this in the news post "Five out of Seven Spot News Winners from DMJX".


This concludes the first CPOY-day: Eight out of a total of 17 prizes went to five different DMJX-students.

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Five out of seven CPOY spot news winners from DMJX

The judging of this year's CPOY has started at Missouri University in Columbia and the winners of the first category has been selected.


And what an amazing start of the competition - Five out of the seven winners in the Spot News category are from DMJX:


Gold, Spot News - Ulrik Hasemann

Arriving to Europe.

More than 1 million refugees arrived to Europe in 2015. Not since the Second World War had so many people been forced to flee their homes and the refugee crisis became the biggest political challenge all over Europe. The vast majority of the refugees sailed from Turkey to the northern coast of Lesbos. The small Greek islands is just 10 kilometers away from the Turkish coast but the crossing can be very dangerous. Most refugees made the journey in small rubber dinghies but sometimes larger boats arrived such as this one on the 16th of November 2015, where about hundred people mainly from Syria and Iraq were crammed together.

Photo by Ulrik Hasemann


Gold, Spot News - Simon Læssøe

Reality TV stars in fight.

A fight erupts between reality tv-stars at the afterparty for the Reality Awards. Reality Awards is an event where reality tv is celebrating itself, and at the afterparty at the nightclub Billy Booze, some of the stars of the shows got into a scuffle.

Photo by Simon Læssøe.


Silver, Spot News - Rune Aarestrup Pedersen

When the refugees reached Denmark.

About 300 refugees had made their way through Europe and reached Denmark. In a huge crowd they continued their journey on the highway. A lot of them with the goal to reach Sweden. Police tried several time to stop the crowd and get the situation under control again.

Photo by Rune Aarestrup Pedersen.


And finally also Award of Excellences to Anders Rye Skjoldjensen and Ulrik Hasemann.

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