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Laura and Maria have produced a video with Alixandra Fazzina

Second term students, Laura Bisgaard Krogh and Maria Albrechtsen Mortensen produced a short promotion interview with Alixandra Fazzina last week.


Click the image to watch the video interview with Alixandra Fazzina. Produced by Laura Bisgaard Krogh and Maria Albrechtsen Mortensen.


Alixandra Fazzina from Noor Images was visiting DMJX to teach our final year students and we asked Laura and Maria, if they could do a short video to promote our new international diploma in documentary photography.


You can watch the video online on our vimeo account.


Alixandra is also going to be the main teacher for the first course in the diploma programme.

Svold and Hasemann in Information


Final year students Mathias Svold and Ulrik Hasemann have just finished a project about the 1000 refugees, who are stuck and live in the streets of Belgrade.


Now the project is published online at the Danish newspaper Information.


You can also see the full project at the two students original webpage.


Together with the rest of our final year students Mathias and Ulrik will begin their final BA project next week.

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Espen Rasmussen at DMJX

Espen Rasmussen lecturing at DMJX. Photo by Fabian Fiechter.


The Norwegian photographer and picture editor Espen Rasmussen visited DMJX yesterday and gave a lecture for all our photojournalist students.


During the inspiring lecture Espen Rasmussen talked about his work as picture editor at the Norwegian newpaper VG. He gave the student valuable tips on how to present their projects and showed examples of photojopurnalistic stories in VG.


Espen Rasmussen (right) talking to the students after his lecture. Photo by Søren Pagter.


Espen Rasmussen also talked about his recent project "White Rage" about the right wing moments all over Europe. He explained how he had worked with the one year long project. "It was 90% research and planning, and only 10% photography", Espen said. You can see a trailer for the project here.

Betina Garcia wins third prize at Hearst Multimedia

Betina Garcia has won third prize at the Hearst Journalism Competition in the Multimedia category for her story "Los Rancheros" about Hispanics in the USA.


Picture from Betina Garcia's multimedia story "Los Rancheros", which consists of both stills, video and sound. Photo by Betina Garcia.


Betina Garcia did the story while being on exchange study in the fall 2015 at our partner school, Western Kentucky University.


With the third prize Betina Garcia receives $ 1,500.


"Los Rancheros" has also been published in Denmark and can still be seen online at the website of the DR - the Danish broadcasting station.


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Cake again


Having class with the current 2. semester equals having cake. Everyday (not kidding) they are bringing cake. Today Laura brought a Danish flag cake her sister made. It tasted as good as it looked.

3. Semester in Hannover for European Project


This weekend our 3. semester students are visiting Hochschule Hannover in Germany to take part in a cooperation with the German school and the Speos/Magnum school in Paris.


Classes from the three schools are meeting to start working on the theme Youth in Europe. During the stay in Hannover the students are discussing and working on their ideas for the project, which the will shoot later this spring.


On the first evening in Hannover the Norwegian photojournalists Martin Slottemo and Lars Andreas Ellingsgard Øverli from Pareagon Features was invited to tell about their project Stories of Youth. 


DMJX students nominated for Joop Swart Masterclass

The list of 187 nominees for World Press Photo's Joop Swart Masterclass has been announced today.


Nine former DMJX-students are on the short list with photographers from 68 differents countries. The DMJX-nominees are:


Roger Anis, Egypt

Dario Bosio, Italy

Matthew Busch, USA

Sagar Chetri, Nepal

Marie Hald, Denmark

Heba Khamis, Egypt

Berta Tilmantaite, Lithuania

Rebecka Uhlin, Sweden

Fabian Weiss, Germany


12 photographers will be selected for the masterclass. The names will announced during the World Press Photo Festival, taking place in Amsterdam 20-22 April.


You can see the full list of nominees at World Press Photo's website.

25 years celebration on the 1st of June 2017

Mark these dates in your calenders.


The 1st of June this year we'll open our 25 years anniversary exhibition at the Copenhagen Photo Festival.


The anniversary exhibition will consist of five still picture projects and five video documentaries. All of it will be arranged in a container village at the Copenhagen Photo Festival, which will be held at Nyborggade, Østerbro in Copenhagen.


Mads Greve and Søren Pagter have already selected the five still picture projects to be exhibited:


Banned Beauty by Heba Khamis

Damage is Done by Ella Kiviniemi

The Wild Within by Ulrik Hasemann and Mathias Svold

The Neglected Boys by Mikkel Hørlyck

Narko Stop by Evgeny Makarov


The video documentaries will be announced later this spring.


The 2nd of June - the day after the official opening of the anniversary exhibition - a party will be held for former and present DMJX photojournalist students plus inivited friends of the education. More about this later.


We're looking forward to seeing both former and present students plus a lot of other guests for these two events so please put the dates in your calenders already now.

DMJX women photojournalists rock

Today is International Women Day and due to that projects made by female DMJX photographers are featured around the world:


Portrait from Cécile Smetana Baudier's final BA-project Diaspora. Photo by Cécile Smetana Baudier.


Cécile Smetana Baudier has been selected for Time's list of "Women in Photography". Cecile has been selected based on her final BA-project "Diaspora".


Portrait from Alana Holmberg's project "Resist Laughter". Photo by Alana Holmberg.


Alana Holmberg is interviewed for The Pool Collective about her final diploma project "Resist Laughter", which she is continuing to work on.


Spread from The Guardian showing work made by a selection of female photographers. Among them is Charlotte de la Fuente from DMJX, Denmark.


Charlotte de la Fuente and Betina Garcia are featured in The Guardian with other female photojournalists.


The Guardian is showing Charlotte de la Fuente's final BA-project "A Chinese Game of Luck". Charlotte de la Fuente won the Scanpix Prize for best Danish photojournalistic BA-project with this project. And The Guardian is also showing a picture from Betina Garcia's project "Rancheros".


And more women photojournalists will come from DMJX in the future - in our first term class six out of the eight students are women!


So, DMJX women photographers do rock. Happy International Women Day.

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DMJX students win at the Danish POY

The Danish POY award ceremony was held this afternoon at the National Library in Copenhagen. A record high number of 15 DMJX students were nominated for this year’s POY - that is almost half of the total number of 33 nominated photographers.


We’re proud to announce that these DMJX-students won the following 12 prizes:


First prize - Portait category

Anders Rye Skjoldjensen, made during his internship at Politiken

Portrait of Robert Storm Rasmussen from a story about the boys from the Westcoast of Denmark. Many boys stay in the small town, while the girls leave for the bigger cities. Picture by Anders Rye Skjoldjensen.


First prize - Danish daily life, single image

Ólafur Steinar Gestsson, made during his internship at Berlingske

Kalundborg, Denmark: Citizen's meeting about the planning of a new asymlum center. Picture by Ólafur Steinar Gestsson.


First prize - open category, tv/web

Malene Anthony, made during her internship at Berlingske

"Am I going to die now?" is the story about the eight-year old Alberte, who suffers from a rare, deadly disease. Online-story by Malene Anthony.


Honorable mention - open category, tv/web

Victoria Mørck Madsen, made during her internship at Jydsk/Fynske Medier


Honorable mention - portrait category

Nanna Navntoft, made during her internship at Politiken


Honorable mention - Foreign reportage

Mikkel Hørlyck, made during his 3rd semester

A social worker is waking up one of the boys at an orphanage in Orhei, Moldova. "The neglected children" is a third term reportage project about the boys living there. Picture by Mikkel Hørlyck.


Honorable mention - Danish daily life, single image

Ida Marie Odgaard, made during her internship at Berlingske


Honorable mention - Danish reportage story

Ivan Riordan Boll, made during his internship at Politiken


Honorable mention - Sports’ picture

Kenneth Lysbjerg Koustrup, made during his internship at Jyllands-Posten


Honorable mention - Short video documentary

Malene Porup, Emil Kastrup Andersen and Martin Fält Hansen, made during their 3rd semester.

Henrik Busborg is the best Elvis intrepreter in Scandinavia. A video documentary made during third term by Malene Porup, Emil Kastrup Andersen and Martin Fält Hansen.


Honorable mention - Danish news picture

Simon Læssøe, graduated this January, made during his internship at Berlingske


Honorable mention - open category

Mathias Løvgreen Bojesen, currently 8th term student, made during his internship at Scanpix


Honorable mention - Sports’ picture

Tobias Nicolai Kvist Larsen, made during his internship at Jyllands-Posten


Poul Madsen, our external guest teacher, won first prize in the category for long video documentary.


Asger Ladefoged, staff photographer at Berlingske and former DMJX student, was the big winner at this year’s POY. He won both Picture of the Year and Photographer of the Year plus a selection of other prizes.


A full list of the winners can be seen at the website of the Danish Press Photographers' Association.


Congratulations to all the winners.

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