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Interview with Søren Pagter in PixlArt Magazine 03

PixlArt Magazine 03 covers the exhibition "Transit", which is going to be opened on Saturday the 13th at PixlArt in ØsterVrå, Denmark. 


The "Transit" exhibition is a selection of stories about the current refugee situation - covered by nine different photographers.


The front cover of PixlArt Magazine 03. Click to read the magazine.


In the PixlArt Magazine you'll find an interview with the Danish photographer Jacob Ehrbahn and with Søren Pagter, head of the Department of Photojournalism at DMJX. There's also a presentation of each of the nine exhibiting photographers.


The interview with Søren Pagter in PixlArt Magazine 03. Click to read.


The magazine is in both Danish and English and is available in print at the exhibtion.

What’s hiding in the basement?

Deep down in the basement in the north end of the school there’s a secret photo exhibition hanging. And it’s been there for almost ten years now.


Mette Mørk showing her re-found BA project to the picture editors Michael Bager, Fyens Stiftstidende (left), Mads Hansen, Vejle Amts Folkeblad and Fredericia Dagblad and Ulrik Pedersen, Jydske Vestkysten (right). Next to Mette is the co-ordinating editor in chief Per Westergård, Jydsk Fynske Medier. Picture by Søren Pagter.


Back in 2007, photojournalist Mette Mørk and her journalist colleague Rasmus Rørbæk went to West Ukraine to do their final BA-project - a story about the pollution and health problems in a small mining town near Lviv.


The two students made an innovative BA-project. Rasmus made a radio documentary and Mette made an exhibition - then they combined the two media so the viewer should walk around the exhibition while listening to the stories.


Mette and Rasmus presented it all in the basement of the school, a place which fits very well to the story.


This Friday Mette was back at DMJX because she had learned that the exhibition was still hanging here. It was full of dust, yes - but still worth seeing.


Mette had brought the co-ordinating editor in chief and the three picture editors from Jysk Fynske Medier to see the exhibition. She had even found the radio documentary, which she played for them.


The purpose was to inspire the editors to tell stories in a different way and to show what can be achieved when you work with mixed media.

Welcome to all students with Johan Bävman

Yesterday evening, we welcomed all photojournalist students with an inspiring and honest lecture by the Swedish freelance photograoher Johan Bävman.


Johan Bävman talking with the students after his lecture at DMJX yesterday evening. Picture by Søren Pagter.


Johan Bävman mainly showed and talked about his two projects: "Albino" and "Sweidsh Dads". During the lecture Johan shared his process of working by showing his contact sheets and he also shared his experiences in self publishing books. 


Sandwich and beer break during the evening welcome. Picture by Søren Pagter.


The welcome and the lecture was sponsored by Canon Denmark, who presented their brand new Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and showed the possibilities in printing your pictures yourself.

DMJX photojournalism on Instagram and Facebook

Join us on Instagram and Facebook.


The Facebook page will show news and photos from the photojurnalism faculty and on Instagram students will share work and projects. 


Right now Cathrine Ertmann shows the project The Land Beyond, which is exhibited at the Utzon Center in Aalborg, and from tomorrow you can follow Malene Anthony's Mama Mama.

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Sobol at DMJX

This week our Photo2 and Danish 8th term students are having a workshop with Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol.


A few snapshots from the first day of class:


Picture by Kasper Palsnov.


Picture by Kasper Palsnov.


As a part of his visit at DMJX, Jacob Aue Sobol gave a lecture for all photojournalism students Monday afternoon. At the lecture, Sobol showed his projects: "Sabine", "I Tokyo" and "By the River of Kings". Plus he shared part of his new project: "12 Months of Winther".


Monday, Jacob Aue Sobol gave a lecture for all the photojournalism students.

Tor Birk Trads wins the Scanpix Prize

Today, at the graduation ceremony Tor Birk Trads was awarded the Scanpix Prize for best Danish photojournalistic BA-project.


The front cover picture of Tor Birk Trads' prize winning project.


Tor Birk Trads won with his project called "Det, der er nærmest, er det, vi ikke ser" (What's closest, we do not see) - stories from the suburb Albertslund.


Picture by Tor Birk Trads from his project "What's closest, we do not see". 


In the motivation for the prize, the editiors at Scanpix praised Tor's ability to balance the story between the close, personal images and the bigger story about a place and it's history. 


Picture by Tor Birk Trads from his project "What's closest, we do not see". 


Tor Birk Trads was unfortunately not present at the graduation ceremony today, since he was on hias way to Marokko. But, he sent a video to thank Scanpix, his fellow students and DMJX. 


The Scanpix Prize is 5.000 Danish Kroner.


Picture by Tor Birk Trads from his project "What's closest, we do not see". 

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Cathrine Ertmann exhibits her Visual Project

As her Visual Project during 8th semester in the spring 2013 Cathrine Ertmann did the project "Landet Udenfor" (the Country Outside).


"Landet Udenfor" a camera obscura project by Cathrine Ertmann.

Cathrine Ertmann visited abandoned houses and made the rooms into camera obscuras. Then she digitally photographed the inside of the rooms, while the camera obscura showed the world outside.


"Landet Udenfor" a camera obscura project by Cathrine Ertmann.


Now, Cathrine's pictures will be exhibited at the Utzon Center in Aalborg as a part of great exhibition called "Growth - how to build the future together".


The official opening will be Tuesday the 2nd of February at 5pm. Read more at this Facebook-event.


The famous Danish folk singer, Niels Hausgaard will open the exhibition.

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First day of school: Kent Klich is back again

The school is again buzzing of life and active students, since today was the first day of the spring term 2016. Our Danish second term students, all international students and our Danish 8th term students started school today. Next week the other classes will join them.


Day one: Kent Klich debating pictures with our Photo2 and Danish 8th term students. Picture by Søren Pagter.


As it has become a tradition, photographer Kent Klich is again teaching our photo2 and Dansih 8th term students: Pictures on the tables, discussions and ideas from day one.


In the following weeks the students will have lectures and teaching with Jacob Aue Sobol, Johan Bävman and the regular teachers of our programmes.


It's going to be a great term ;)

Promotion video with Ida Guldbæk

DMJX has produced nine different videos (in Danish) promoting each of the educations, we run at the school. The videos are launched on the social medias as teasers for the annual "Open School" events, which are held in February.


Screenshot from the video with Ida Guldbæk Arentsen. Click the image to watch.


Ida Guldbæk Arentsen is representing the Danish BA in Photojournalism with an interview about her third term reportage from Kirgisistan. You can also see the photo series and read the article, which Ida has produced for the project.


Ida will start her internship by the 1st of February.


The two "Open School" evenings will be on the 23rd in Copenhagen and on the 25th in Aarhus.


You can read more about the "Open School" events and see all the nine videos on DMJX's official website.

Busk and Fogh in Politiken

Last week Sofia Busk and Jonas Fogh went to their final exam and graduated their BA in Photojournalism with the story "De Åbne Hjerters Land".


Sofia Busk and Jonas Fogh's project

on the front page of Politiken's PS section. 


This Sunday the daily Politiken has published part of the project over five pages. 


You can also see the full project online at Politikens website.

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