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Marcel Maffei in Splash and Grab

Marcel Maffei's final Diploma project "Living on the Line of Fire" from the autumn 2015 is featured in the photography publication Splash and Grab.


Picture from Marcel Maffei's project "Living on the Line of Fire".


Marcel Maffei also won bronze  with this story in the category International Picture Story at CPOY autumn 2016.

Pagter back from Iran

Head of the photojournalism department, Søren Pagter, visited Iran last week. Søren Pagter was invited by Ali Akbar Shirjian from Transition (Gozaar) Art Gallery in Tehran.


Søren Pagter conducting an editing excercise with a group of Iranian photographers. Photo by Ali Akbar Shirjian.


During the visit Søren Pagter taught 17 Iranian photographers in editing by selecting pictures from each of the photographers' stories.


The group of Iranian photographers together with Søren Pagter. Photo by Ali Akbar Shirjian.


Søren Pagter editing one of the Iranian photographers' stories. Photo by Ali Akbar Shirjian.

New video documentaries online

This fall our international Photo I students and Danish 3rd term students finished their video documentaries.

Now, we're ready to show all seven stories online.


See for instance "Always on my Mind" - the story about Henrik Busborg, who are “The Best Elvis in Scandinavia”.


"Always on my Mind" - video documentary by Malene Porup, Martin Fält and Emil Kastrup Andersen.


The seven stories are made during three weeks workshops with Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov from Bombay Flying Club - and can be seen by clicking the icons below.


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15 students nominated for Danish Picture of the Year

The nominees for the Danish Picture of the Year are out.
Again this year a lot of our students are among them. The list of nominees includes 31 photographers, photojournalists and tv-photographers 15 of them are students of DMJX.


They are :

Anders Rye Skjoldjensen, intern Politiken
Emil Kastrup Andersen, 3rd semester
Malen Porup, 3rd semester
Martin Fält, 3rd semester
Ida Marie Odgaard, intern Berlingske
Ivan Riordan Boll, intern Politiken
Kenneth Lysbjerg Koustrup, intern Jyllands-Posten

Malene Anthony, intern Berlingske
Mathias Løvgreen Bojesen, intern Scanpix
Mikkel Hørlyck, 3rd semester
Nanna Navntoft, intern Politiken
Ólafur Steinar Gestsson, intern Berlingske
Simon Læssøe, 8th semester
Tobias Nicolai Kvist Larsen, intern Jyllands-Posten
Victoria Mørck Madsen, intern Fyens


Congratulations to all of you!


Full list here.

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Final Screening Day

Today was the last day of the autumn term - and as it has become a tradition all students of photojournalism gathered to show each other what they had done during their final workshops.


Second term student Andreas Haubjerg presenting his first year project. Photo by Søren Pagter.


Danish third term students presenting and discussing their video documentaries. Photo by Søren Pagter.


Seventh term student Mathias Svold showing his and Ulrik Hasemann's mutual project. Photo by Søren Pagter.


Photo II student Emine Akbaba presenting her final Diploma Project. Photo by Søren Pagter.


Svold and Hasemann in Information

Mathias Svold and Ulrik Hasemann has just finished a 7th semester assignment, where they went to Rold Forrest - the biggest forrest in Denmark - to tell stories from one of the few, natural and untouched areas in Denmark.


The spreads from Information this Saturday showing Mathias Svold and Ulrik Hasemann's 7th semester assignment. Picture by Ulrik Hasemann.


This weekend their pictures and stories were published in the daily Information - both on print and online.

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Ólafur Gestsson's picture is everywhere

A couple of weeks ago Ólafur Steiner Gestsson won an Award of Excellence at CPOY for his news picture from a public meeting in Kalundborg, Denmark.

Right now the picture and Ólafur's story behind it is behind published many places, for instance in Independant's Indy 100 and in the Icelandic magazine Visir.


Indy 100 writes in their caption for Ólafur's image: "A Danish photographer has captured the effect of anti-immigration politics in one image". Photo by Ólafur Steiner Gestsson.

Photo 1 approaching deadline

Our international Photo 1 students are approaching their deadline of the video documentaries. So this night and morning they've worked hard to be ready for screening at 11.

Sohail sleeping on the floor early in the morning, while another group of students work on their video documentary.

Photo by Søren Pagter.


On the left Tamara and Allison are discussing the quotes for their video documentary. On the right Patricia and Cora works with their project.

Photo by Søren Pagter.



Tamara and Allison are discussing the quotes for their video documentary.

Photo by Søren Pagter.

Sagar is editing the sound for his video documentary.

Photo Søren Pagter.


Teacher Poul Madsen explains the flow of the story to Charlotte, Wilma and Sarah.

Photo by Søren Pagter


Ólafur Gestsson interviewed about his winning picture

The American online media Quartz has interviewed Ólafur Steiner Gestsson about his prize winning image from a public meeting in Kalundborg.

You can read the interview here.


A public meeting in the danish town Kalundborg. The citizens of the town were discussing the plans of a new asylum center located close to the town center. A large part of the attended people were strongly against the new asylum center, fearing raised crime rates and insecurity for the people of the town.

Picture by Ólafur Steiner Gestsson.


Ólafur won Award of Excellence for the picture in the General News category at CPOY.

CPOY multimedia: Five out of seven winners from DMJX

The first category in the multimedia division at the CPOY has been judged and DMJX-students won five out of the seven prizes in the category for stories made by individuals or small teams.


Screen-shot of the story Crazy about Food by Sille Veilmark, Nanna Navntoft and Benjamin Nørskov.


Silver - Crazy about Food

by Sille Veilmark, Nanna Navntoft and Benjamin Nørskov.

Produktion made during third term at DMJX in the spring 2016.


Bronze - to Kenneth Koustrup

Production made during Kenneth's internship at Jyllands-Posten.


Award of Excellence - The Rumble

by Malene Anthony and Tobias Nicolai.

Production made during third term at DMJX in the fall 2015.


Award of Excellences - Everything for Family

by Emily Macinnes and Riina Rinne.

Production made during Photo1 at DMJX in the fall 2015.


Award of Excellence - Alone together

by Riina Rinne.

Riina's final Photo Story made during Photo1 at DMJX in the fall 2015.

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