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Giulia Mangione's "Danesland" at FotoLeggendo Festival

Giulia Mangione's project Danesland will be exhibited from the 10th till the 12th of June at Fotoleggendo 2016 in Rome.


Photo by Giulia Mangione from the project "Danesland".


Giulia began her project back in the spring 2014 and she's coming back to Denmark this summer to continue the project. Danesland is about the freedom and informality in   the neat and cosy Denmark.


Giulia's pictures can also be seen at our Instagram right now.


Photo by Giulia Mangione from the project "Danesland".



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Two DMJX-projects nominated for Il Reportage Award

The Italian magazine Il Reportage has launched the 25 projects, which are shortlisted for their Photojournalism Award.


Among the nominated candidates are two final DMJX-projects:


From the story "Echoes". Photo by Barbara Leolini.


Echoes by Barbara Leolini. Barbara made her project as her final Diploma project in the spring 2015.


Portrait of Robert Nilsson, a former member of Nationalsocialistisk Front.

The tattoo on his arm depicts the German nazi and doctor Josef Mengele.

Photo by Sofia Busk and Jonas Fogh from their story "The Open Hearted People".

The Open Hearted People by Sofia Busk og Jonas Fogh. Sofia and Jonas made their final BA-project in the fall 2015.


Photo1 student Emanuele Occhipinti is also among the nominated photographers. Emanuele is nominated for his project The Flowers of Kosmet, which he has made before starting at DMJX.


The winner will be announced on the 12th of June during the Fotoleggendo Photography Festival in Rome.

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Tor Birk Trads has won the Kravling Award

Yesterday night the award ceremony for the Kravling Awards was held at Vega in Copenhagen.


At the ceremony Tor Birk Trads was announced as the winner in the categroy for TV/photography. Tor won with his final BA-project "Det, der er nærmest, er det, vi ikke ser".


Tor Birk Trads on his way home after the Kravling Award ceremony, where he won in the category for TV/photography. Photo by Thea Reedtz.


Earlier this year, Tor also won the Scanpix prize for best BA with this project.

A part of his project will be represent DMJX at the container village at the Lumix Festival in June.


The Kravling Awards are four different awards handed out each year to talented media students. The four awards covers journalism, TV/photography, design and communication.


Two other DMJX-photojournalists were also nominated for the prize, namely Louise Koustrup and Kenneth Lysbjerg Koustrup for their video documentary "Return to Infancy" - which by the way won first prize at the Danish POY in March this year.

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Lani Holmberg wins $10,000 grant for final project

Alana Holmberg has been selected to receive the Australian Pool Grant of $ 10,000 to continue her final diploma project Resist Laughter, which she made at DMJX in the fall 2015.


Portrait of 20-year old Ela Albayrak - one of the Turkish women, who shares their stories in Alana Holmberg's project "Resist Laughter". Photo by Alana Holmberg.


Resist Laughter is a project about young feminists fighting for gender equality in Istanbul, Turkey.


The 2016 Pool Grant consists of the financial support, a mentorship and an exhibition in a year's time.


Portrait of 25-year old Ela Kaçar - one of the Turkish women, who shares their stories in Alana Holmberg's project "Resist Laughter". Photo by Alana Holmberg.

Sofia Busk and Jonas Fogh's BA-project in Internazionale

In the fall 2015 Sofia Busk and Jonas Fogh's co-operated to make their BA-project "De åbne hjerters land" Country of the Open Hearts) - stories from Sweden, where the frustration over and fear of refugees grow.


Now, the May edition of the Italian magazine Internazionale has published part of Sofia and Jonas' project over six pages.


First spread from Internazionale Magazine with the story of Sofia Busk and Jonas Fogh.


Second spread from Internazionale Magazine with the story of Sofia Busk and Jonas Fogh.


Third spread from Internazionale Magazine with the story of Sofia Busk and Jonas Fogh.


You can see the full project as it was handed in for Sofia and Jonas' BA-exam here or by clicking the icon below.

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New video documentaries by photo1 students

Our international photo1 students have worked on making video documentaries during the past four weeks. The eight students have had an intensive workshop conducted by Poul Madsen and Henrik Kastenskov from Bombay Flying Club.


During the workshop the students have been tought how to film with DSLR cameras, how to record sound, how to plan a story in moving images, how to create a story board and finally how to edit a complete story in Final Cut Pro.


This Monday the students uploaded their final versions of the stories and today the stories are ready to share here on our website.


Enjoy the four documentaries:


"Call of Duty" by Noa City-Eliyahu and (Israel) and Maciej Antkowiak (Poland).


"Ups and Downs" by Heba Khamis (Egypt) and Theresa Albers (Germany).

"Around Seventy Percent" by Emanuele Occhipinti (Italy) and Mikael Rydenfelt (Finland).


"Man skal jo leve" by Rahul Dhankani (India).

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Alexandra Hootnick has won PDN Photo Annual

Alexandra Hootnick has been selected the winner of PDN Photo Annual in the category for student work.


Examples of a picture from Alexandra Hootnick's children book, in which Alexandra collaborates with nine-year old Laya, who draws on some of Alexandra's pictures from Laya's daily life.


Alexandra has won with her final DMJX diploma project, which is a children’s book collaboration between Alexandra and the nine-year-old Syrian refugee Laya Al-Khazam, who resides in Sweden as she and her family await their asylum application decision. The book shows what it means to be a refugee—but first and foremost a child—in Sweden.


Alexandra did the project in the fall 2015.


Examples of a picture from Alexandra Hootnick's children book, in which Alexandra collaborates with nine-year old Laya, who draws on some of Alexandra's pictures from Laya's daily life.

Interview with Søren Pagter about the Mccurry manipulations

This weekend Magnum photographer Steve Mccurry has been accused for manipulation some of his images. There have been at least three incidents where content of images have been removed to make Mccurry's pictures look better.


Søren Pagter, head of the department of photojournalism, has been interviewed about the incident for the Danish daily, Politiken.


Today's Politiken an interview with Søren Pagter about Mccurry's manipulation.

The article is visualized with a before and after picture showing that two men, a lamp post and several things in the background have been removed.


In the interview Søren Pagter states among others things that the manipulations are a serious matter, which makes him angry.

"It seems as if the illusion of the perfect image is more important to Mccurry than the story and the people in his pictures", states Pagter.


Søren Pagter also questions Mccurry's statement that the incidents are the case of bad and wrong work by a lab technician.

"A professional photographer knows what he has photographed and how his pictures will look like. I'm sure Mccurry checks the quality of the work, when he gets copies and prints of his pictures", Pagter says in the interview.

Sawadika: Pictures from students' internship

Every half year a new group of students start their one and a half year's internship.


During this time the students produce a huge number of fantastic pictures and it has become a tradition that each group of students make a webpage to show their work made during their internship.


Screen shot from the tumblr-page Sawadika - photo by Peter-Emil Witt.


The latest group of students have made the tumblr-page Sawadika.


Here you can follow work made by:

Malene Anthony - interning at Berlingske

Ida Guldbæk Arentsen - interning at Berlingske

Ivan Riordan Boll - interning at Politiken

Kenneth Koustrup - interning at Jyllands-Posten

Louise Koustrup - interning at Fyens Stiftstidende

Tobias Nicolai - interning at Jyllands-Posten

Ida Marie Odgaard - interning at Berlingske

Peter-Emil Witt - interning at Børsen

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Stefano and Dario back at school

Monday, former students Stefano Carini and Dario Bosio were back at DMJX to give a lecture about their project: Map of Displacement.


Stefano Carini (left) and Dario Bosio at DMJX this Monday.

Stefano holding his son, Dario Carini. Photo by Søren Pagter.


The two Italian photojournalists talked about how their time at DMJX and their internships at the picture agency Noor enabled them to work with the picture agency Metrogrpahy in the north of Iraq.


While working as editors at the Iraqi agency they made the project Map of Displacement, which covers six of the largest displacement events and the stories of the people, who have fled the violence seeking refuge in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


The stories are made by local photographers under the supervision of Stefano and Dario.


The whole project has been financed through funding and sales. Stefano and Dario explained how difficult it was to get the stories sold to be shown outside the region.



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