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Zoo World project becomes an exhibition

This Thursday the Swedish photographer Julia Lindemalm opens her exhibition Zoo World at Abecita Konstmuseum, Borås, Sweden.


Picture from Julia Lindemalm's project Zoo World. The picture was a part of the original Diploma Project made at DMJX and it's a part of Julia's upcoming exhibition at Abecita Konstmuseum.


Former student Julia Lindemalm began working on her project about Zoo’s at DMJX in 2011. The project was her final diploma exam.


Picture from Julia Lindemalm's project Zoo World. The picture was a part of the original Diploma Project made at DMJX and it's a part of Julia's upcoming exhibition at Abecita Konstmuseum.

In the past five years Julia Lindemalm has continued the project and she has visited ten zoos in Europe and also photographed at Sea World in Florida, USA. Julia focusses on how humans keep wild animals in captivity and our relationship to wild animals.


Julia writes this in her intro text to the exhibition:

"Every year 700 million people visit a zoo worldwide. We stand in front of each enclosure for 46 seconds. By arranging nature according to our own desires, we distance ourselves from what we crave – the wild. Zoo World illuminates our unrequited love for animals and questions our self-imposed role as masters of the world."

First day in the autumn term

The school is buzzing again, since today was the first day of the autumn term.


Kent Klich teaching in our Photo2 and 8th term class. Photo by Søren Pagter.


Both the Danish and international can look forward to an interesting autumn, where the different classes will have workshops with for instance :

- Kent Klich

- Sam Harris

- Evelien Kunst

- Bombay Flying Club

- Mathilde Bech

- Jesper Voldgaard

- Bo Amstrup


During the autumn we'll have different guest lecturers visiting the school, for instance the photographers behind The Phenomena Project and the Iranian photographer Ali Shirjan.

DMJX at Crossover Web Documentary Festival

The 16 Danish students from second and third term pre-started their autumn term today when they met at the Crossover Web Documentary Festival in Vejle, Denmark.


DMJX students at the opening reception at the first Crossover Web Documentray Festival. Photo: Søren Pagter.


The students and their teachers Mads Greve and Søren Pagter will participate in the three-day festival, where there will be lectures, workshops and screenings.


The students have had a free choice of one workshop with any of the four possibilities:

- Radiolab storytelling workshop

- Kirsten Luce: Hands-on 360° Workshop

- Jessica Dimmock: Transitioning from Photojournalism to Cinematography

- Different Formats for Different Stories


Henrik Kastenskov given his opening speech at the Crossover festival, which he has founded. Photo: Søren Pagter.


The Crossover festival also features video documentaries made by students from DMJX. A selection of 21 stories made at DMJX has been chosen to represent the school at the festival. Together with this screening the festival also shows an exhibition of the posters, the students have made for their stories.


The posters from the DMJX video documentaries decorate the main meeting point at the Crossover Festival. Photo: Søren Pagter.


It’s the first time the international Crossover Web Documentary Festival is held in Vejle. The Festival is arranged by photojournalist Henrik Kastenskov, who’s also one of DMJX’s teachers of video documentary.

Kasper Palsnov's Visual Project in BJP

Kasper Palsnov is presented in the column New Talent in The British Journal of Photography online.


From the series "Salt" by Kasper Palsnov.


BJP is showing Kasper's Visual Project Salt, which he made during his final term this spring. Together with the presentation there's an interview with Kasper where he is qouted to say this about DMJX:


“Their way of developing ideas with an interest for the society you live in combined with a personal style and approach is a thing that will always be in me from my time there.”


Salt is a reportage, which investigates the mysterious power of the Dead Sea.


From the series "Salt" by Kasper Palsnov.


Kasper was a runner-up in the Undergraduate series category at BJP Breakthrough 2016 - an annual summer season celebrating student photography.

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Five DMJX-students selected for the Eddie Adams workshop

The Eddie Adams Workshop has just launched this year's 100 participants. Among the selected photographers are five DMJX-students:


Betina Garcia, Denmark

Kristen Zeis, US

Sarah Hoffman, US

Alaa Elkamhawi, Egypt

Fabian Fiechter, Germany


It's the 29th time the Eddie Adams Workshop inivites young and talented photographers to participate in a four days intensive workshop with lectures and assignments.


The teachers are a selection of renowned and skilled photographers, picture editors and other people from the media industry.

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Kasper Palsnov's BA-project in Magazine P

The Magazine P has published a part of Kasper Palsnov's final BA-project about electrochok therapy.


Spread from the Magazine P showing Kasper Palsnov's work.


Kasper Palsnov graduated this June.


The pictures are on page 4-5 in The Magazine P, which is published by The Danish Psychologists' Union.

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Interview with Magnus Fisker in Vice

During his study at DMJX Magnus Fisker has lived one and a half year in Gellerupparken in Brabrand - a so called ghetto. One of the largest in Denmark.


Picture from Magnus Fisker's reportage from Gellerupparken. Photo by Magnus Fisker.


When Magnus was going to make his third term reportage he decided to stay at home - literrally at home. He made his reportage story from Gellerupparken and told stories about his own neighbourhood and the people living there.


Together with his class Magnus finished the reportage workshop this spring - and his pictures and article are still exhibited at DMJX.


Now Vice has interviewed Magnus about his experiences in living and working in Gellerupparken. The interview is accompanied with some of Magnus' reportage pictures from Gellerupparken.


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"Country of the Open Hearts" in Quartz Magazine

Sofia Busk and Jonas Fogh's final BA project "Country of the Open Hearts" is right now published online in Quartz Magazine.


“In ten years, Sweden won’t exist anymore—not if the refugees keep coming.
Then Sweden will stop being Swedish", says Kikki Toivola, 22, a single mother.
Photo by Jonas Fogh and Sofia Busk.


The BA-project from the autuumn 2015 focusses on the growing minority of people in Sweden, who are against the way the refugee situation in the country is handled and puts faces on the fears and frustrations.


A swastika spray-painted on the wall of a refugee center in Tjörnap, Sweden.
Arson was attempted here on Oct. 29, 2015.
Photo by Jonas Fogh and Sofia Busk.

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Charlotte de la Fuente awarded with the Scanpix Prize

Charlotte de la Fuente received the Scanpix Prize for best Danish photojournalistic BA-project at today’s demission ceremony.


Søren Pagter handed out the Scanpis Prize to Charlotte de la Fuente. Photo by Vibeke Volder


Charlotte won with her project “A Chinese Game of Luck” - stories from the gambling city Macao in China.


The picture editors from Scanpix motivated the prize by stating that Charlotte's beautiful pictures told the story about the luck, which ran out. And that the project also succeded due to the presentation and the context.


The graduation speech for all journalism and photojournalism students was held by the prize winning Danish photographer Jan Grarup.


Jan Grarup held the graduation speech at today's demission ceremony. Photo by Vibeke Volder.


Grarup talked about how the fast forward button has got stuck in today's media and he encouraged the students to take a stand and do stories, which were important to the public.

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Two DMJX-students has won at competition by Kuben

Tor Birk Trads and Casper Holmenlund Christensen have won second and third prize at the competition "Life within the walls" announced by Kuben Management.


Tor Birk Trads won second prize for his series "The Mild West" - a part of his final BA-project:

Photo by Tor Birk Trads.


Casper Holmenlund Christensen won one of the three third prizes for this picture of three elderly ladies playing Nintendo at an elderly home in Aalborg:

Photo by Casper Holmenlund Christensen.


The other prize winners can be seen at Kuben's Flickr page.


The jury was writer Josefine Klougart, Jens Henrik Haahr from Kuben and Søren Pagter.

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