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Second term students create magazine from Hvide Sande

Our Danish second term students have just finished their magazine workshop during which they have been in Hvide Sande to make individual stories.


The cover of the magazine "Hvide Sande" made by Danish second term students.


The eight students have spent one week in Hvide Sande - a small Danish town on the west coast. During this week they have made collected pictures and texts for their stories.


This past week the students have edited their pictures, writte the articles and layouted their magazine called Hvide Sande.


From the story "The Last View" about 67 years old Bent, who lives at a hospice. Photo and article by Malene Porup.


The magazine can be seen online here and will be exhibited at the school. The opening reception will be Wednesday the 4th of May at 12:30 in the front hall of DMJX.


From Sunday you can also see examples of spreads from the magazine on our Instagram account @dmjxphoto.

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Kasper Løftgaard on View Find

Kasper Løftgaard's prize winning story about the Texan cowboys is featured online at ViewFind.


Picture from Kasper Løftgaard's project about Texan cowboys and rodeos. Photo by Kasper Løftgaard.


Kasper did the project as his final BA-project in the spring 2015. At the following graduation ceremony Kasper was given the Scanpix-prize for best photojournalistic BA and this March 2016 he won first prize in the sports reportage category at the Danish POY for a selection of rodeo pictures from his project.


The original BA-project can be seen by clicking the thumb nail below this article.


Kasper is planning to go back to Texas this year to continue to photograph for this project.



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Søren Pagter in the Jury for the Freelens Award

This saturday, Søren Pagter met with the other jury members in Hamburg to select the winners for the Freelens Award and the Lammerhuber-award.


The jury members discuss one of the 60 stories, which will be exhibited at the Lumix Festival. Picture by Lennard Schwarz.


The jury selected the winner and the runner-ups for the Freelens Award  plus one winner of the Lammerhuber Award - this latter award focusses on daily life stories.


All winners will be announced at the Lumix Festival, which runs from the 15th till the 19th of June in Hannover. The winners will announced at the award show Saturday night.


The jury members, part from Søren Pagter, have been:

Peter Bitzer from Laif

Ruth Eichhorn from GEO

Christian-Matthias Pohlert from Frankfurther Algemeine Zeitung 

Bertram Solcher from Medizin Photo and representative for Freelens

Barbara Stauss from Mare Magazine

Andeas Trampe from Stern

Daria Klimasheva's Visual Project in Washington Post

Daria (Dasha) Klimasheva's Visual Project, I will Conquer You, is published online at Washington Post's In Sight webpage.


Self portrait by Daria Klimasheva from her project "I wil Conguer You".


Dasha's personal project is about how she has dealt with her mother's depression and how she has overcome it.


Dasha did the project during Photo2 in the fall 2013.

Four DMJX projects at the fifth Lumix Festival

The projects, which will be shown at the fifth Lumix Festival in June, have been annouced.


60 still picture stories will be exhibited and 21 multimedia stories will be presented.


Four DMJX-projects are among the selected stories:


Screen shot from Romina Vinci and Ella Kiviniemi's web documentary "Evidence".


Evidence - web documentary by Romina Vinci and Ella Kiviniemi. Romina and Ella did the story during their web documentary workshop in the spring 2015.


"The Chronicle" - web documentary by Trondur Dalsgaard and Jens Henrik Daugaard.


The Chronicle - web documentary by Tróndur Dalsgaard and Jens Henrik Daugaard. Trondur and Jens Henrik did the story during their web documentary workshop in the spring 2014.


Screen shot from Riina Rinnes' web documentary "Alone Together".


Alone Together - web documentary by Riina Rinne. Riina did the story as her final Diploma project in the autumn 2015.


Picture from Kiên Hoàng Lê's story "Of Veils and Hoods".


Of Veils and Hoods - still picture story by Kiên Hoàng Lê. Kiên did the project as his final Diploma project in the spring 2013.


The Lumix Festival will be held in Hannover from the 15th til the 19th of June.


Søren Pagter and five final-year students are invited to the festival for a meeting with teachers and students from selected schools of photography.


Søren Pagter will also be giving port folio reviews at the festival.



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Stine Tidsvilde in Information and on Instagram

Last week, our third term students ended their reportage workshop and exhibited their stories at the school.


Stine Tidsvilde had done a reportage in both pictures and text about "Soldiers of Odin" in Finland.


Picture from the story "Soldiers of Odin" by Stine Tidsvilde.


This weekend Stine's story has been published in the Danish daily "Information" - and is also available online at information.dk.


Stine has also taken over our Instagram and is showing a b/w edition of her story.


Picture from the story "Soldiers of Odin" by Stine Tidsvilde.

International magazine reception

This Friday our International photo1 students launched their magazine Being Human with a reception.


Pictures from the afternoon by their teacher Jesper Voldggaard:


The Photo1 class together with teachers Susse Sommer and Henrik Meller.


Emanuele Occhipinti had invited Jette and Erling from his magazine story "Split Second" about the familys struggle after a car accident. And they gave him a little book with his own pictures from the story.


Emanuele Occhipinti had invited Jette and Erling from his magazine story "Split Second" about the familys struggle after a car accident. And they gave him a little book with his own pictures from the story.


The Being Human magazine is exhibited at the school and can also be seen online.

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Giulia Mangione's "Danesland" has won at NPPA

Back in the spring 2014 Giulia Mangione did her project Danesland as her final Photo Story during Photo1. Danesland is a project about the neat and cosy Denmark and it's inhabitants.


Giulia continued her project and last year it was published in the Italian magazine Il Reportage.


First spread of Il Reportage's presentation of Giulia Mangione's "Danesland".

Now, the Il Reportage's presentation of Danesland has won third place in the NPPA Best of Photojournalism in category for Personality Profile or Lifestyle Magazine Stories.


Second spread of the prize winning layout of Giulia Mangione's story "Danesland".

Giulia Mangione also won at a photo festival in Rome last year and have because of that been attending a book making course this year. The plan is to make Danesland into a book, but first Giulia will return to Denmark this summer and continue to work on the Danesland project.


Third spread of the prize winning layout of Giulia Mangione's story "Danesland".


Forth spread of the prize winning layout of Giulia Mangione's story "Danesland".

Being Human: launch of a new student magazine

Our international photo1 students will launch their magazine, Being Human, at a reception Friday at 2pm in the front hall of DMJX.


Front cover of the magazine "Being Human" made by international photo1 students in the spring 2016.


Being Human will be exhibited on the walls at the school and will also be available online at this website.


The eight students have worked on their individual stories during a four week magazine workshop. The workshop has been structured like this: In the first week the students received teaching plus researched and planned their stories. In the second and third week the photojournalists had time to travel and worked in the field on their stories. And in the final, forth week the students edited their pictures, wrote their stories and designed the magazine.


The students behind the magazine are:
Noa City-Eliyahu (Israel)
Heba Khamis (Egypt)
Theresa Albers (Germany)
Maciej Antkowiak (Poland)
Mikael Rydenfelt (Finland)
Rahul Dhankani (India)
Emanuele Occhipinti (Italy)
Inuuteq Kriegel (Greenland)

The teachers at the workshop have been:
Jesper Voldgaard (photojournalism)
Lone Theils (written journalism)
Susse Sommer (graphics and layout)
Henrik Meller (graphics and layout)

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Claudia Gori in Maps Magazine

Claudia Gori's final Diploma project "What Water Gave Us" is published in the first edition of Maps Magazine. You can find the pictures and story from page 54 and onwords in the magazine.


First spread of Claudia Gori's story in Maps Magazine.


Maps is an online magazine published quarterly that aims to research and showcase independent and innovative photographic projects about the Mediterranean area.


Claudi Gori did the project in the spring 2015 and has been nominated for this year's Joop Swart masterclass.

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