Red Horse

by Emilia Kangasluoma made in the spring 2018 as her final Diploma Project.

A Native American Kiowa tribe has a myth about the Twin Boys. The Twin Boys wanted to race a horse but they had no horse.
So they made one.
The body was formed from red clay of a river bed. Eyes were taken from a wolf, ears from a coyote, hair from an elk, tail from a snake and hooves from a turtle shell. The Twin Boys gave the horse Grandmother Spider ́s Indian medicine and it came to life.
The Red Horse had lightning in his eyes and fire in his nostrils.
The Twin Boys wanted to test the horse. They made the horse race on a leash, going faster and faster. The horse whipped his snake-like tail and ran so rapidly that strong winds started blowing and whirls went all the way to the sky.
That was the first tornado.