Benjamin Nørskov exhibits EPA Sweden at Värmland’s Museum

Picture from the series EPA Sweden by Benjamin Nørskov.

Benjamin Nørskov opened his exhibition “EPA Sweden” at Värmland’s Museum in Karlstad Saturday the 1st of June. The exhibition is a part of the opening of the newly renovated museum and more than 3,000 people visited the exhibition and museum on the first day of the opening weekend.

Benjamin and an exhibition assistant carrying one of the 33 exhibition prints to Värmland’s Museum. The exhibition runs untill the 29th of September at the museum in Karlstad.
Benjamin has travelled around Sweden to portray the Swedish EPA culture. He started the project during his 7th term in the spring 2018 as a part of our Youth in Europe workshop and continued to work on the story during his 8th term.
Benjamin and the staff at Värmland’s Museum hangning one of the huge exhibition prints.
The pictures are made with a rebuild polaroid camera with a Mamiya Press lens, that shoots 60×120 mm negatives.
15 years old youngsters in Sweden can drive EPA tractors on the roads if the cars aren’t capable of driving faster than 30km/t. The Swedish girls and boys in the rural areas of Sweden use this possibility to modify ordinary cars and trucks into personal EPA tractors. Photo: Benjamin Nørskov.
One of Benjamin’s pictures on the cover of the summer programme from Värmland’s Museum.
Sunday the 2nd of June, Benjamin gave an artist talk at his exhibition.
Photo: Benjamin Nørskov.
Part of Benjamin Nørskov’s exhibition at Värmlands Museum. Photo: Benjamin Nørskov.
Picture from the series EPA Sweden by Benjamin Nørskov.