Lukas Kreibig has won Flash Forward Award 2019

Lukas Kreibig has won the climate category in The Magenta Foundation‘s Flash Forward Award.

Uummannaq means a heart-shaped mountain. In this case, it‘s not a human heart the Inuit talk about—it‘s the heart of a seal. At the foot of this mountain, 590 km² north of the Polar Circle in western Greenland, lies a town with the same name: Uummannaq. A remote island inhabited by 1325 individuals, the village is connected only by ships and a helicopter to the outside world. Photo from the story “The Heart of a Seal by Lukas Kreibig.

Lukas Kreibig has won the prize with his long term project “The Heart of a Seal” about the life in Uummannaq, Greenland, an island town off the country’s western coast. Lukas started the project as his final Diploma project at DMJX in the fall 2017.

Martin plays on his phone. He is one of the young individuals of the children’s home in Uummannaq. Brand-name clothing are in high demand among the Uummannaq youth, as trends reach Uummannaq through the Internet.
Photo from the story “The Heart of a Seal by Lukas Kreibig.

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