DMJX project becomes a book after ten years

Ten years ago, in 2009, Asbjørn Sand, photographed an “a day in the life of…” assignment during his second term at DMJX. This became the start of a ten years long personal project, which has now been published in the book “Slip”.

Cover of Asbjørn Sand’s book “Slip”.

In the summer holiday between his second and third term, Asbjørn continued to photograph the scater environment, which he himself is a part of. And furthermore he photograpahed on the project untill 2018. In 2013 the story was screened on New York Times Lens Blog.

Copenhagen, 2012. “My jeans are less flexible than my body, so I’ve learned to sew patches on them”. Text and photo: Asbjørn Sand.

The book “Slip” is made together with curator Therese Maria Gram and book designer Jacob Birch / Spine Studio. You can order it through all book shops in Denmark or online at Roulette Russe.

Odense, 2011. The outdoor swimming pool in Odense is emptied for water due to cleaning. The scaters climp the fence to scate in the empty pool. Photo: Asbjørn Sand.

“Slip” consists of 42 pictures on 96 pages. All pictures by Asbjørn Sand. Texts by Asbjørn Sand and Nikolaj Zeuthen, writer, poet and singer.

Asbjørn graduated in 2013 and has worked as a freelancer and teached sinced then.

Allingåbro, 2010. Jeppe has hit the bottom of the ramp during a scateboard festival. Photo: Asbjørn Sand.
Svendborg, 2011. The scaters sleep together after a scateboard competition at Svenborg Harbour. Photo: Asbjørn Sand.