DMJX magazine stories exhibited in Cairo

Yesterday, Mads Greve opened the DMJX student exhibition “Life Exposed” – made in co-operation with and shown at The American University in Cairo (AUC).

The gallery at The American University of Cairo, where the DMJX student exhibition “Life Exposed” is on display untill the 5th of December. Photo: Ronnie Close/AUC.
Life Exposed shows selected stories from the recent two international magazine workshops at our Photo I programmes. Photo: Mads Greve.
The original magazines made by Photo I students in the fall 2018 and in the spring 2019 are on display at the exhibition. The students behind the magazines are –
Fall 2018: Marco Carmignan (Italy), Patrick Riley (Australia), Henrik Røyne (Norway), Elke Numeyer (Australia), Marcel Top (Belgium), Adrian Francis (USA), Jelle de Ru (Holland), Mathilda Spetz (Sweden), Manuel Seoane (Bolivia).
Spring 2019: Mushfiq Mahbub Turjo (Bangladesh), Shirin Abedi (Germany/Iran), Michelle Hanks (USA), Guillaume Derclaye (Belgium), Deepti Asthana (India), Saara Tuominen (Finland), Haris Begic (Holland/Bosnia), Ellie Cherryhomes (USA), Aurelie Demesse (Belgium)
Yehyun Kim (South Korea).
Photo: Ronnie Close/AUC.
The exhibition consists of selected single images, selected story spreads from the two magazines and the original magazines. Photo: Mads Greve.
The AUC student television covered the opening and the following talk by Mads Greve. Photo: Mads Greve.
After the opening of the student exhibition, Mads Greve showed and talked about his own photography. Photo: Ronnie Close/AUC.