Nanna Navntoft received the Ritzau Scanpix Prize

At yesterday’s graduation ceremony, Nanna Navntoft received the Ritzau Scanpix Prize for best photojournalistic BA-project.

Søren Pagter handed out the Ritzau Scanpix Prize on behalf of the picture agency to Nanna Navntoft. Photo: Farzad Soleimani.

Nanna Navntoft received the Ritzau Scanpix Prize for her project “Day 1 – notes about overeating”. The project portrays and tells the stories of five men, who suffers from overeating.

Two photojournalistic projects were nominated for the Ritzau Scanpix Prize; Nanna Navntoft’s “Day 1 – notes about overeating” and Joakim Rimer Rasmussen’s “Fjordvang”.

The canteen at DMJX was full of students and their families at the last graduation ceremony in the old school at Olof Palmes Allé. In half a year, the next graduation ceremony will be held at the new DMJX school at Katrinebjerg in Aarhus. Photo: Farzad Soleimani.

Around 160 journalists, communicators and photojournalists graduated yesterday, but only five of them were photojournalists; Vibeke Volder, Malene Porup, Nanna Navntoft, Michael Nørgaard and Joakim Rimer Rasmussen.

Each graduating student received a rose and a hand shake from headmaster Trine Nielsen. Photo: Farzad Soleimani.