We’re back at school

Almost three weeks ago, Monday the 17th of August, our 8th term and Photo II students started at the new DMJX school as the very first group of students after the Covid-19 shut down and the summer break.

Mikkel Hørlyck, 7th term and Fatemeh Boboudi, Photo II in conversation
on the roof terrace at the DMJX campus.
Photo: Søren Pagter

One week later, the Photo I and 7th term students came back to school. And this week, our first term students have started. So finally, the brand new campus in Aarhus is buzzing with students and energy.

8th term and Photo II students were the first class to be allowed to actually receive teaching
at the new DMJX campus after the Covid-19 and the summer break.
Here, they are having class with the Swedish photographer Kent Klich.
Photo: Søren Pagter
Photojournalist students gather for lunch and ice cream on the roof terrace.
Photo: Søren Pagter
Students discussing pictures.
Photo: Søren Pagter