DMJX projects and students in various media around the world

Projects by Kristina Steiner, Nanna Navntoft, Mikkel Hørlyck and Andreas Haubjerg are the subjects of media attention around the world.

Kristina Steiner’s story about sorcery attacks at Papua New Guinea has been published
both in British
The Guardian (on print and online) and online at the Portuguese p3.
Kristina made the story as her final diploma project during Photo II in the fall 2017.
Nanna Navntoft’s projects about BED and over eating is presented online at PHmuseum‘s website. In the picture it’s Lars (35), who sleeps with a mask that creates a vacuum
and helps him breathe during his sleep.
Nanna has worked on the topic for more than two years. She made th efirst stories during her internship at Politiken, then she continued during her exchange study at KABK in The Hague and finally her BA-project “Day 1” focussed on men, who suffered from over eating.
Mikkel Hørlyck has been interviewed about his projects ‘I Refuse to Die’ and ‘The Neglected’ for the German magazine Chip Foto-Video.
Mikkel Hørlyck’s project ‘The Neglected’ is published online in the Portuguese p3.
Story and interview in Portuguese.
Mikkel made the story during his third term in fall 2016.
Andreas Haubjerg in the make-up room before attending an interview
for the television programme “Go’ morgen Danmark” at TV2.
Andreas has been interviewed for many different media in Denmark, for instance TV2 and the Danish radio programme “P1, Morgen”
about his current exhibition “A Real Man”.
Andreas made the exhibition as his final BA-project this fall 2020.