Johanne Teglgård has two exhibitions at Godsbanen

Seventh term student Johanne Teglgård is currently showing two different exhibitions at the cultural center Godsbanen in Aarhus.

Johanne Teglgård and Frei Ask Carøe’s collaborative project “Past Time Present Future” as it is exhibited at Godsbanen right now.
Photo: Johanne Teglgård

The project “Past Time Present Future’ is a collaborative project made between Frei Ask Carøe and Johanne Teglgård. Since 2018, Johanne has portrayed Frei in various settings, for instance for her First Year Proejct at DMJX and for art’s projects. During the three years, Johanne has documented Frei’s transition and development.

Frei Ask Carøe portrayed by Johanne Tegægård.

Johanne’s other exhibition at Godsbanen shows the process of making the poster for this year’s Queer Arts Festival that will run from the 24th of September till teh 10th of October. Johanne has worked with

Hver enkelt deltog i privat fotosession med Johanne Teglgård Olsen og Andreas Constantinou from Bora Bora – dance and Theater in the making of the photo session. Graphical designer Tom Nielsen has created the poster, which is a remake of the famous Vitruvial Man image.

Johanne portrayed 21 different queer identities for the poster for this year’s GENDERHOUSE Queer Arts Festival. Both the various portraits and the final poster can be seen at the exhibition at Godsbanen.
Photo: Johanne Teglgård