Two BA-projects shortlisted for Copenhagen Photo Festival

The Copenhagen Photo Festival has announced the 14 projects shortlisted for a solo exhibition at the 2022 festival. Two of them are BA-projects from DMJX.

“In Lithuania I have a 14-year old daughter. Kids are not stupid. She sees that I have underwear and robes, so I can’t tell her that I work at a bar, and I bring so much money home that my family would never believe me. I bought two apartments in Lithuania, so how would they believe that I work at a restaurant? So I told them that I work with very rich men, that I sometimes have sex with. I don’t tell them that I have 10 customers a day”.
Image from Sarah Hartvigsen Juncker and Louise Herrche Serup’s BA-project about migrant sex workers and potential victims of human trafficking in Denmark.

The two shortlisted projects are
“You Still Don’t Know My Name” by Sarah Hartvigsen Juncker and Louise Herrche Serup.
“No Man’s Land” by Mikkel Hørlyck.

Both projects are shortlisted in the category Framing Society. 293 projects were submitted in the three categories; Framing Vision, Framing Identity and Framing Society.

The projects selected for solo exhibitions will be announced later. The Copenhagen Photo Festival will take place in June.

Atefeh Mohseni (10) lifts her little sister Nazanin Zainab Mohseni (3) and kisses her on the cheek. Nazanin calms down. They sleep in an abandoned house in Bosanska Bojna with their father Hassan Mohseni (39). Earlier, the Mohseni family had the mother and son with them. They split up to improve their chances of escape and they managed to get to a refugee camp in Croatia. “The only thing I think about is reuniting my family,” says Hassan Mohseni. He and his daughters have experienced 20 failed escape attempts at the border to Croatia.
Image from Mikkel Hørlyck’s BA-project “No Man’s Land”.