And the winner of the ECCA-DMJX Photojournalism Award is…

We are happy to announce that Sarah Hartvigsen Juncker and Louise Herrche Serup won the ECCA-DMJX Photojournalism Award for their BA-project You Still Don’t Know My Name.

Louise Herrche Serup (left) and Sarah Hartvigsen Juncker right after they received the ECCA-DMJX Photojournalism Award at DMJX the 29th of August. Photo: Emilie Toldam/DMJX

Each of the four nominees received a diploma together with the award.
Photo: Søren Pagter/DMJX

Four BA/Diploma projects were nominated for the very first ECCA-DMJX Photojournalism Award made in co-operation between ECCA Family Foundation and DMJX Photojournalism. The purpose of the new award is to help the graduating students disseminate their completed BA/Diploma Projects and DMJX photojournalism students, who have graduated within the past two years, have been able to apply for the grant.

After receiving the award, Sarah and Louise explained how much the award ment to them. Now, they plan to create a touring exhibition in order to make the stories available for a bigger audience. Photo: Emilie Toldam/DMJX

Four nominated projects were:
Mikkel Hørlyck with No Man’s Land
Fares Zaitoon with Stranger Tourist
Manuel Seoane with Panoramics of Disaster
Sarah Hartvigsen Juncker and Louise Herrche Serup with You Still Don’t Know My Name

Sarah Hartvigsen Juncker and Louise Herrche Serup received the main award worth Danish Kroner 103,000. The three honorable mentions received an award of Danish Kroner 27,000 each. The money are to be spent on the projects in order to get them published, exhibited or the like.

Three photographers received honorable mentions; Fares Zaitoon (middle), Mikkel Hørlyck (right) and Manuel Seoane, who was following the award ceremony online from his home in Bolivia. Photo: Emilie Toldam/DMJX

Sarah and Louise after having received the prize. Photo: Emilie Toldam/DMJX

Sarah Hartvigsen Juncker getting a hug from Søren Pagter after the award ceremony. Louise Herrche Serup in the background. Photo: Emilie Toldam/DMJX

The jury consisted of Deepti Asthana, from India, who is an alumnus of the international photojournalism programme, and the Armenian photographer, Anush Babajanyan. Additionally, Christian Algot Enevoldsen, Søren Pagter and Mads Greve, who is also a lecturer on the photojournalism programme, are also part of the selection process.