International students selected for spring 2023

15 international students will start next week at DMJX Photojournalism. Seven of these students have received scholarships to be able to study in Denmark.

Mohammad Jaafer (left) from Sudan and Zohreh Sadati from Iran have received a full scholarship from ECCA Family Foundation to study at the Photo 1 program in the spring 2023.

Sandipa Malakar (left) from India and Ahmed Abd El-gawad from Egypt have received a full scholarship from ECCA Family Foundation to continue their study at the Photo 2 program this spring. Sandipa graduated Photo 1 in 6/2022. and Ahmed graduated Photo 1 in 12/2022.

Md Mudassir Hossain from Bangladesh has received support from the VII Foundation to cover his tuition fee to study at Photo 1.

Toukir Ahmed Tanvee (left) and Arafat Bin Siraji, both from Bangladesh, have received an Erasmus+ grant to study in Denmark. Toukir will study at Photo 1 and Arafat, who graduated photo 1 in june 2020, will continue his study at Photo 2.

The ten students at Photo 1 will be:
Alexandra Iulia Corcode (Romania)
Laura Collard (Belgium)
Mohammad Jaafer (Sudan)
Leon Joshua Dreischulte (Germany)
Toukir Ahmed Tanvee (Bangladesh)
Tomáš Pacovský (Czech Republic)
Owen Ziliak (USA)
Zohreh Sadati (Iran)
Ines Verheyleweghen (Belgium)
Md Mudassir Hossain (Bangladesh)

The five students at Photo 2 will be:
Arafat Bin Siraji (Bangladesh)
Sandipa Malakar (India)
Roman Sokolov (Russia)
Finn Winkler (Germany)
Ahmed Abd El-gawad (Egypt)