Workshop in studio flash

Our Danish fourth term students have had a short workshop in studio flash with guest lecturer and photographer Rune Pedersen. Among other exercises, the students worked a full day making portraits of young actors playing various roles.

Rasmus Breum portraying a young actor in the class room at DMJX.
Photo: Rune Pedersen

The DMJX students Rosaline Benbaruch Lange, Emilie Toldam Futtrup and Benjamin Voldum Krog planning a shooting session with one of the five models.
Photo: Rune Pedersen

Liv Latricia Habel photographing while Nichlas Arturo Pollier is working as assistent.
Photo: Rune Pedersen

Benjamin Voldum Krog portraying a model. Each student made minimum four single portraits and one double portrait during the working day with the models.
Photo: Rune Pedersen.