Sergei Stroitelev’s personal project has been published

Sergei Stroitelev‘s personal book-project I Wish it Was Just a Nightmare made at DMJX in the fall 2022 has been published by Experimental.

Cover of I Wish it Was Just a Nightmare. Photo: Maria Solaguren

The photobook I Wish it Was Just a Nightmare delves into the harrowing aftermath of the war in Ukraine, ignited by Russia’s aggression in 2022. Fleeing censorship, Sergei Stroitelev unfolds a haunting portrayal of personal turmoil amidst societal upheaval. Stripped of freedom of speech, Sergei Stroitelev grapples with guilt and shame while navigating a landscape marred by repression and fear. The project captures the visceral impact of conflict on the individual psyche through a multi-layered visual narrative, including diary entries, nightmarish red visuals symbolizing trauma, and chilling news screenshots. Set against the backdrop of a blue forest – a metaphor for self-discovery amid chaos – the Sergei’s journey becomes a poignant reflection of resilience and the quest for identity amidst adversity.

The book is available for purchase at Experiment’s webpage.

Images of some of the spreads from Sergei Stroitelev’s I Wish it Was Just a Nightmare photographed by Maria Solaguren.