15 students selected for our international programmes

We are happy to announce the names of the 15 international students who will study at Photo 1 and 2 in the fall 2024. Four of these have received a full scholarship from the ECCA Family Foundation.

Sahl Abdelrahman (left) and Hassan Kamil have both received a full scholarship from the ECCA Family Foundation that will enable them to live and study in Denmark.
Private pictures.

Photo 1 students, fall 2024
Hassan Kamil (Sudan)
Lara Habor (Germany)
Anna Mensing (Germany)
Minoo Hassanzadeh (Iran)
Sil Moison (The Netherlands)
Rhiannon Johnston (USA)
Sahl Abdelrahman (Egypt)
Tėja Kalpokaitė (Lithuania)
Hydia Jackson (USA)
Lies Vermeulen (Belgium)

Walaa Ibrahim (left) and Aseem Banstola have each received a full scholarship from ECCA Family Foundation to continue their study at Photo 2 in the fall 2024.
Private pictures.

Photo 2 students, fall 2024
Walaa Ibrahim (Sudan)
Nora Schwarz (Germany)
Aseem Banstola (Nepal)
Ana Fernanda Torres Olvera (Mexico)
Sefa Eyol (Turkey)

We received 42 applications from 16 different countries for the coming programmes.

The ECCA Family Foundation have supported DMJX students with scholarships in the past four years and a new 3.5 years agreement between ECCA and DMJX was signed this spring.