ECCA Family Foundation supports DMJX students with major grants

For the second time, The ECCA Family Foundation and DMJX photojournalism call for grant applications that will enable the receivers to continue and publish projects made while studying at DMJX.

Louise Herrche Serup (left) and Sarah Hartvigsen Juncker right after they received the ECCA-DMJX Photojournalism Award at DMJX the 29th of August, 2022. Photo: Emilie Toldam/DMJX

In a world where the delicate balance between nature and humanity is at stake, the need for powerful storytelling has never been more urgent. ECCA Family Foundation and DMJX photojournalism presents the biennial ECCA-DMJX Photojournalism Award for its second run. This initiative is meticulously crafted to harness the transformative power of visual storytelling to illuminate pressing issues facing our planet and underserved communities.

The ECCA Family Foundation states their reason for the grant support:
“We believe that this unique opportunity will unlock untold narratives, ignite crucial conversations, and propel emerging talents in the photojournalism landscape. Our partnership with DMJX over the past four years has provided us with first-hand access to a suite of compelling stories and projects that often remain in the shadows, as students and graduates frequently lack the resources and support needed to share their narratives. This award is more than just a recognition of these emerging talents; it’s a platform for amplifying voices that are frequently unheard”.

Three photographers received honorable mentions at the ECCA-DMJX Photojournalism Award ceremony held the 29th of August, 2022; Fares Zaitoon (middle), Mikkel Hørlyck (right) and Manuel Seoane, who was following the award ceremony online from his home in Bolivia.
Photo: Emilie Toldam/DMJX

About the award

Who can apply?
All photojournalists who have studied at or graduated from DMJX Photojournalism between spring term of 2022 to the spring term of 2024 are eligible to apply with any project they have worked on during their education at DMJX relevant to either nature and/or underserved communities.
Whether shedding light on the plight of our oceans, documenting the effects of climate change on marginalized communities, or celebrating the resilience and ingenuity of those facing adversity, we welcome all untold stories.

How to apply?
To apply, candidates should submit two PDFs.
One PDF showcasing the visual story itself, including necessary text (or a link if it’s a video).
One PDF of the application, consisting of:
– A short pitch for the story.
– Description and motivation of how the grant will be utilized for continuing the story, including plans for display or showcase.
– A budget detailing the use of the 30,000 DKK grant.
– Additional budget allocation explaining how the additional 70,000 DKK would be utilized in case of winning the main prize.
– Working plan, including a timetable.

What can be won?
The main prize is a grant of 100,000 DKK.
Up to 3 honorary mentions will receive a 30,000 DKK grant.
Prize grants can be used for a variety of purposes, including large exhibitions, production costs, curatorial expenses, salaries for external partners, necessary equipment, etc., related to the project.

Call for entries: May 2024.
Submission deadline: June 14, 2024 at noon (Danish time) on email to
Jury meeting: End of June 2024.
Award recipients announced: end of August 2024, when the fall term begins.

The Jury
The evaluation criteria will focus on impact, creativity, and visual storytelling skills, prioritizing those who share our passion for raising awareness and spurring action.
The jury will consist of:
Heba Khamis, visual researcher, photographer and DMJX graduate.
Ilvy Njiokiktjien, Contributing Photographer, VII Photo.
Christian Algot Enevoldsen, Chairman, ECCA Family Foundation.
Mads Greve, Associate Professor, DMJX photojournalism.
Søren Pagter, Head of DMJX photojournalism programmes.