CPOY award ceremony in Washington DC

This weekend the award ceremony for both POYi and CPOY is held at Newseum in Washington DC, USA.

Mathias Svold and Rune Aarestrup in Washington DC for the CPOY award cermony.

Two of the prize winning DMJX-studentss, Mathias Svold and Rune Aaresstrup, are participating in the award days. Mathias Svold won, among other prizes, the prestigious College Photographer of the Year and Rune Aarestrup won gold in the category Individual Multimedia Story or Essay. Both students received their awards at the ceremony.

Mathias Svold receives his award as College Photographer of the Year 2017.

Rune Aarestrup receives his prize as winner in the Individual Multimedia Story or Essay category.

Mathias Svold held two artist talks at the POYi 25 years anniversary exhibition, which is an extra part of this year’s exhibition. Together with Missoury University teacher Jackie Bell, Mathias Svold talked about what young photographers can learn from watching the many winning pictures.

Mathias Svold is giving a talk at the POYi 25 years’ anniversary exhibition in Washington DC.