Handmade book from our second term students

Our second term students have finished their magazine workshop today with a launch of their book Ama’r.

The 16 students have been doing stories from the island Amager, outside Copenhagen. The 15 individual stories are combined in a book, where the students have created unique handmade covers for each of the almost 100 printed books.

The books are hanging to dry in the classroom. Photo: Søren Pagter

The book is also available online by clicking the icon below.

The 16 students behind the book are:
Sophie Voisin
Mads Frost
Simon Trøjgaard Jepsen
Christian Lykking
Kasper Heden Andersen
Julie Kristensen
Aleksander Klug
Christian Nordholt
Katinka Klinge Albrechtsen
Tobias Kobborg
Anne Myrup
Fredrik Steen Nordhagen
Sarah Juncker
Oscar Scott Carl
Niels Christan Vilmann
Andreas Merrald

The teachers at the workshop have been:
Mathilde Bech (photojournalism)
Hanne Mølby Henriksen (written journalism)
Lars Bai (layout)