Lukas Kreibig exhibits huge pictures from Greenland

Lukas Kreibig is exhibiting his project “Uummannaq – The Heart of a Seal” about a small town in Northwest Greenland at the Fotofestival Zingst in Germany.

Lukas Kreibig’s huge exhibition prints at Fotofestival Zingst in Germany. Photo: Lukas Kreibig.

The festival runs till the 3rd of June, but Lukas’ extremely large pictures will be exhibited in Zingst for the rest of the year.

“Uummannaq – The Heart of a Seal” will also be exhibited at the Triennale der Photographie in Hamburg in June and at Photokina in Cologne in September 2018.

Lukas Kreibig won the BFF Förderpreis 2018 with “Uummannaq – The Heart of a Seal”, which he started as his final Diploma Project at DMJX in the fall 2017.