Hashem Shakeri in British Journal of Photography

Hashem Shakeri’s story about the climate change in the south of Iran is published in British Journal of Photography.

Hashem made the story in the spring 2018 as his final project, while he was studying at our Photo I programme.

Rige Mouri village, Helmand town, Sistan. The Saravani family have lived in this region more than 100 years. Their village has now turned into a wilderness, covered with sand and dust. Not long ago, there was a river nearby, and the mother of the family talked to me about the richness of the region with regret. The son of the family remembered swimming in the river and working in the area. In the past, more than 500 families (3000 people) lived in the village but now only 17 families remain. Photo: Hashem Shakeri

Hossein, a 13-year-old boy from Boris, Chaabahar. The natives in Boris are the oldest residents in Chaabahar. People of Boris live in hardship, poverty, and famine. However, most of the residents in Zabol, especially farmers and livestock breeders, who saw their farms dry up and their livestock lost, decided to move to the tourist city, Chaabahr. Many of them have turned to driving. Photo: Hashem Shakeri.