Arko Datto back in Aarhus

Arko Datto studied one year at our photojournalism programs back in 2013. Today, Arko was back in Aarhus to give a talk for our final year students and Sunday, he will give a talk at present Photobook Week Aarhus.

Arko Datto, member of Noor Images,  showed and talked about his book “Will My Mannequin be back when I Return” – the first one in a triology.

He explained the students about the background for his projects and his choice of different colour palettes for various stories. Arko Datto works on several projects all the time.

Another of Arko Datto’s projects and books “Pik Nik” will be exhibited at Galleri Image next year, where Arko will return to Aarhus and we can already now promise that he will teach at DMJX at that time.

Arko Datto showed a video with images from his coming book,
which is the second one in a triology.

Photo: Søren Pagter