Eight DMJX-students win nine prizes at CPOY

The still picture division at College Photographer of the Year was judged during the past week at University of Missouri, Columbia, USA.

Eight different DMJX-students won nine different prizes:

Interpretive Project
Nanna Navntoft won Silver for her project about extreme eating habits.
Nanna made the project during her internship at Politiken.

Karen Jensen, 64 years old, senior citizen. “I have always said to myself that it can’t just be that I eat so much. There has to be something going on inside of me. But no one has ever listened to me. Photo: Nanna Navntoft

General News
Davis Winborne won Award of Excellence for a demonstration picture from St. Louis.
Davis studied at DMJX as an exchange student from University of Missouri in the spring 2018.

Alireza Goudarzi won Bronze for at picture of Yeganeh from Iran, who trys to find freedom in the country.
Alireza studied at our Photo I programme in the spring 2018.

Yeganeh 20 years old.she is trying to check her social medias account in her room. Many social networks are filtered in Iran and the youth have to use VPN to access for connecting with each other. Selling VPN and anti filters to people is a crime in Iran and it is considered as action against national security. In case of discovery, the person will be confined and imprisoned. Photo: Alireza Goudarzi.

Jens Hartmann won Award of Excellence for a picture of the Syrian refugee “Ali”.
Jens did the story during his third term in the spring 2018 and will start his internship at Politiken this January.

Domestic story
Jens Hartmann won Award of Excellence for a story about the homeless Martin, who lives in the streets.
Jens did the story as his First Year Exam in the fall 2017.

“My biggest dream is to be with Lina until the end” Martin says, before he kisses her. Love comes first, then the drugs they say. Photo: Jens Hartmann.

Morgan Hornsby won Silver for a portrait of Jordan Frodge, who writes on the image, what the #metoo movement means to her.
Morgan studied at DMJX as an exchange student from Western Kentucky University in the spring 2018.

Liz Moughon won Award of Excellence for a dyptich of Autumn McAllister, who visits Zion National Park.
Liz studied at DMJX as an exchange student from Ohio University in the fall 2017.

International Picture Story
Benjamin Nørskov won Award of Excellence for his project about youth in Sweden and and their special cars.
Benjamin made the project during his seventh term i the spring 2018.

Malene Anthony won Award of Excellence for her project “Humans of the Future, which she made as her final BA-project in the spring 2018.

It is already possible to move the cursor on a screen by the power of the thoughts using the EEG-technology that measures activities in the brain. Professor Preben Kidmose works with brain-computer-interfaces at Aarhus University. He explains that it would be possible to think at a commando such as “call dad” and the phone calls your dad. Photo: Malene Anthony.