New website design

Almost 9 years ago, in February 2010, we launched our first website in order to inform about the photojournalism activities at DMJX.

Back then we had to make everything from scratch. There were no templates that could create a website for you. Former student and photojournalist Sofus Comer developed the back-end software for us – just like he, over the years, has updated the design and been a very patient and trustworthy webmaster.

Together with Sofus Comer we have decided that now is the time to change both the design and the software of

We are therefore happy to present our new website design, which has already been active for a couple of months.

The new website will still present news from the photojournalism department at DMJX. We are also working on showcase, which will show selected projects made by our students. There will be between 30-50 recent projects available on the website.

We hope you’ll enjoy and use our new webpage.