Official book release of The Essential Photography

Søren Pagter’s book “The Essential Photography” was officially released at a reception at DMJX, yesterday.

Around 50 students, colleagues, friends and family gathered at the book launch, where publisher Teddy Pedersen welcomed everybody and talked about the long process of making “The Essential Photography”. Photo: Alex Luka Ladime.
Area manager Henrik W. Jørgensen thanked Søren Pagter for the making of the book and the possibility of launching it around the world. Photo: Alex Luka Ladime.
Publisher Teddy Pedersen gave Søren Pagter an old book from the 70’ies about how to work as a press photographer. Photo: Alex Luka Ladime.

“The Essential Photography” is published in both a Danish and English version and in the beginning of 2019 the book will be launcehd in a Russian version, too.