DMJX students win three first prizes at the Danish POY

The winners at the Danish POY were announced today at the award ceremony at the Royal Library in Copenhagen. DMJX students won three first prizes.

Cover image of the video documentary Distant Love made by Julie Meldhede Kristensen og Andreas Merrald.

Julie Kristensen and Andreas Merrald won first prize in the category Long TV/Web story for their story „Distant Love“, which they made during our third term in the fall 2018. It’s the fifth year in a row that our students take a first prize in this category.

Poul and Else Mathiassen met each other in 1960. In 2011 Poul was diagnosed with dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. Else slept on a madras on the floor by his bed during the last time of his life. Poul died the 9th April 2018.
Photo: Sofie Mathiassen.

Sofie Mathiassen won first prize in the category Danish Reportage for at picture of her grandparents photographed in the moment where her grandmother says a last goodbye the her late grandfather.

Portrait of CEO of Danske Bank, Thomas Borgen. Photo: Marie Bentzon.

Marie Bentzon won first prize in the Portrait singles category for a portait of the CEO of Danske Bank, Thomas Borgen. The portrait is made during Maria’s internship at the financial paper Børsen.

Two other DMJX students received second prizes at the award ceremony:

Mikkel Hørlyck was runner-up in the category Long Term project with his project Jørgen Pedersen.

Tanja Carstens Lund was runner-up in the category for Danish Everyday Picture.

This year’s Danish POY has a new set up, where the jury also selects various pictures to be a part of the exhibition without receiving any prizes.

The following DMJX-students have their work presented at the Danish POY exhibition:

Mads Claus Rasmussen, Mads Joakim Rimer Rasmussen, Louise Herrche Serup, Morten Lau-Nielsen, Nanna Navntoft, Peter Nygaard Christensen, Jens Hartmann Schmidt, Tobias Kobborg Kristensen, Malene Anthony, Tobias Nicolai, Oscar Scott Carl, Mads Frost, Marie Bentzon, Andreas Merrald, Ivan Boll og Ida Marie Odgaard.