PTSD talk with Jørn Stjerneklar

Photographer Jørn Stjerneklar from Mayday Press visited DMJX this Friday afternoon to show and talk about his films on PTSD.

Jørn Stjerneklar at today’s lecture at DMJX. Photo: Søren Pagter.

Jørn Stjerneklar has covered many conflicts mainly in Africa including the genocide in Rwanda 25 years ago. This conflict gave him PTSD, and he still occasionally experiences attacks.

In 2016, Stjerneklar made three film together with his wife, where they interviewed Jan Grarup, Peter Hove and Stjernklar himself about PTSD.

At today’s lecture, Stjerneklar showed the films and talked honestly about what can cause PTSD and how important it is to take the consequences of conflict journalism seriously.

Students listening to Stjerneklar’s lecture. Photo: Søren Pagter