Tobias Nicolai has won Kravlingprisen

Tobias Nicolai has won the Kravling award for his BA-project Wolf Land.

Picture from the project Wolf Land by Tobias Nicolai.
Portrait of the skeleton of the Thy-Wolf arranged in the a hallway at the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen Ø, Denmark the 19th of april 2018.
After numerous but unconfirmed observations a dead wolf was found in Nationalpark Thy in december 2012. DNA sampling showed that the 3,5-year-old male wolf originated from the central european wolf population and it had traveled approximately 850 km from its birthplace in Sachsen, Germany. The Thy-wolf, with the scientific and technical name GW051m proved that wild wolves roamed Denmark for the first time in 199 years.

Saturday the 11th of May, ‘Wolf Land’ was awarded the first prize in the tv- and photo category at this year’s Kravling Awards. It was an unanimous decision from the jury consisting of Thomas Borberg, Jonas Fogh, Angelina Owino, Sisse Strøyer and Harley Hersom.

With the prize, Tobias Nicolai received 10,000 Danish Kroner.

Jury member Sisse Strøyer said at the award ceremony: 
“This story is like a mood board for a dramatic feature film. A kind of thriller far away from safety and reality. Slowly but steadily, we are lead into unknown territory and things start to happen, the drama unfolds and leaves the viewer almost breathless. Hard facts melts into a cinematic world, that is undoubtedly about life and death.The winner is capable of storytelling in both text and images. We are fascinated by the many facets and human fates.

The Kravling Awards are handed out once a year and is the award ceremony for all Danish media students. There are prizes in four categories: Design, Communication, Journalism and TV/photography.

The other nominated stories in the TV/photo category were:
Louise Herrche Serup, photojournalist DMJX, for her project “My Body is my Testimony”.
Mikkel Hørlyck, photojournalist DMJX, for his project “A Long Life with Drugs: I mustn’t Die before my Mother”.
Sofie Myhre and Jonas Bertelsen, journalism SDU and Film- and TV-production, Media College in Viborg for their project “Nørre Aaby Bio”.