Debate about the Danish Picture of the year

The Danish Pressphotographers Association arranged a panel discussion about this year’s Danish Picture of the Year at PixlArt Gallery in Østervrå this Monday afternoon. Fourth term student Katinka Klinge was a part of the panel.

From left Angelina Owino, Asger Ladefoged, Rasmus Degnbol, Katinka Klinge Albrectsen and Martin Lehman at panel discussion about the Danish Picture of the Year.
Photo: Robert Wengler/Pressefotografforbundet.

Due to the huge debate, which this year’s selection of especially the Picture of the Year and the Photographer of Year, had created, the Danish Pressphotographers Association invited to a panel discussion Monday the 20th of May.

The debate was boradcasted live and can be seen online here.

The panel consisted of:
Tao Lytzen, jury member at this year’s Picture of the Year.
Angelin Owino, boardmember, Danish Pressphotographers Association.
Rasmus Degnbol, freelance photographer.
Asger Ladefoged, staff photographer at Berlingske.
Katinka Albrectsen, DMJX photojournalism student.
Martin Lehmann, staff photographer at Politiken and boardmember, Danish Pressphotographers Association.