Sina Niemeyer exhibits at Deichtorhallen in Hamburg

Sina Niemeyer‘s project “Für Mich” is part of a group exhibition in Deichtorhallen, which runs from 12th of July until the 3rd of October.

Front cover of Sina Niemeyer’s book “Für Mich” published by Ceiba.

“Für Mich” is a personal story where Sina adresses the sexual abuse she experienced as a child. The project was made as her Visual Project at DMJX in the fall 2016.

The project is being exhibited at Deichtorhallen, one of Germany’s most prestigious and important photography museums, as part of a group exhibition in the framework of the ‘Gute Aussichten’ competition. The competition shows the most promising newcomers in photography among German students. Along with her book, Sina is showing a video in which she metaphorically process a conversation with her perpetrator.

Since the release of the book last year, Sina’s project has been shown at over 20 photo festivals and group exhibitions worldwide, you can find a complete list here.