The first out of four workshops in Cairo has started

In co-operation with Photopia and with financial support from DEDI, the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Initiative, DMJX photojournalism has organized an educational programme for 12 Egyptian photographers. The first out of the four workshops is currently happening at Photopia in Cairo.

Søren Pagter started the first of a series of four workshops at Photopia this Tuesday the 10th of September. The first workshop will last five days. Photo: Photopia.

Søren Pagter is conducting the first workshop in Cairo this week. Mads Greve will run a portrait workshop in November 2019 and Gitte Luk will run a worksshop in journalistic writing in January 2020.

After these first three workshops the participants will work on their individual stories and in June 2020, Søren Pagter will return to edit the work together with the photographers.

On the second day, the participants did an editing exercise, where they, in small groups, edited a story by Tobias Kobborg. Photo: Søren Pagter.
During the editing exercise the participants discussed and compared the images brought by Søren Pagter. Photo: Søren Pagter.
On the second and third day of the workshop, Søren Pagter edited the participants stories together with them. After this the participants were sent out to do a short assignment, which will be edited the following day. Finally, the participants will start discussing their ideas for their projects.
Photo: Sabry Mohamed.

During his visit in Cairo, Søren Pagter also met with Ronnie Close from the American University in Cairo (AUC) to plan a DMJX exhibition at AUC this November.

The exhibition will consist of stories from the two recent magazines – Avalanche and Nest – made by our international Photo I students.