Mikkel Hørlyck has won first prize at IPA – Int’l Photography Awards

Mikkel Hørlyck has received a first prize with his story “The Neglected” in the category Editorial, Contemporary Issues in the non-professional/student section at IPA – International Photography Awards.

Andrei, 10, looks up without seeing. He was born blind. At the orphanage the most common diagnoses are autism, Down’s syndrome and epilepsy. Most of the inhabitants at the orphanage were born with their disabilities and have grown up in the institution. The oldest is 40 years old, the youngest a newborn child. Photo: Mikkel Hørlyck.

Mikkel made the story about the orphanage in Orhei, Moldova during his third term reportage in September and October 2016. Mikkel is currently doing his internship at Politiken.

Petru, 23, spends most of his day with his eyes shut, while blocking his ears with his hands. Often he yells loudly and hits himself. Petru is out getting fresh air during one of the daily trips around the premises. Suddenly, he stands up, opens his eyes and looks up into the sky. Photo: Mikkel Hørlyck.