Alex Luka Ladime arranges exhibition to support children in Rio de Janerio

Saturday the 5th of October at 5pm, Alex Luka Ladime opens an exhibition at Nørre Stenbro galleri, Nørrebrogade 2, Aarhus. The exhibition shows his project “Kids of the Hill” about the life among youngsters in one of the most dangerous favelas in Rio de Janerio.

Bryan is 10 years old and has 3 brothers. They live at one of the most violent squares in the favela, Complexo do Alemão, because their house is close to an armored police outpost. His mother, a single missionary from an evangelical church, struggles to provide for the family as the father is incarcerated. Bryan used to be very rebellious and dropped out of school, but then artist, Mariluce Mariá Souza, got him enrolled in her project “FavelaArt”, and convinced him to get back to school where he is a good student now. The biggest risk for Bryan is going to school as the roads are quite dangerous. But even staying at home is not safe as their house is in the line of fire. A stray bullet could easily penetrate the red bricks and get him or a family member killed. Picture from the story “Kids of the Hill” by Alex Luka Ladime.

In the favela, Complexo do Alemão, police, paramilitary groups and gangs are fighting for power over the area. Youngsters loose their lives because they get caught in cross fires and it’s difficult to get to school because there are fights in the streets.

In co-operation with Favela Art and the artist Mariluce Souza, Alex Luka Ladime tries to raise money for a youth cultural center, which can be a safe place where the young people can do painting and sports. There are already 200 kids connected to the organisation.

Cable cars were the lifelines of the favela, Complexo do Alemão, they were a safe and quick method of transportation, especially for when the kids have to commute to school. Picture from the story “Kids of the Hill” by Alex Luka Ladime.

Alex Luka Ladime will raise money to help establishing the cultural center by selling his prints from his exhibition. At the exhibition opening there will be Brasilian music and dance and the exhibition will run from the 5th of October and 14 days ahead. You can see the event here.

Alex Luka Ladime did his story “Kids of the Hill” during his 4th term in the spring 2019.